Winners of the Mindful Mile Marathon !

We had 124 participants this year( 88 Staff, 18 faculty & 16 Students). This was twice the number of respondents compared to the previous year (61 Total)

Total Miles were 8521 and Total Minutes 150,620
Our Winners for this year are :

Top 3 Miles(Faculty & Staff)
William Houth (COLO) 690 Miles
Vickie Fredrick(WEBG) 264 Miles
Ryan Elliot (WEBG) 253 Miles

Top 3 Minutes(Faculty & Staff)
Dominik Jansky (WEBG) 4,560 Mins
Jenni Popken (WEBG) 4,515 Mins
Christal Chu(WEBG) 4,010 Mins

Top Miles(Student)
Nora Radway(WEBG) 192 Miles

Top Minutes(Student)
Jonah Munzer(WEBG) 2,557 Mins


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