Webster Wellness Announces 2013 Employee Reimbursement Program

Webster Wellness Announces 2013 Employee Reimbursement Program!

Through the use of $30,000 in UnitedHealthcare Wellness Credits available only in 2013, Webster Wellness is introducing a program to reimburse employees 50% of the cost of their memberships and/or events that occur each quarter in 2013, not to exceed $150 each quarter.  Employees must be members of UnitedHealthcare to participate in the program.

We are excited about this opportunity to provide financial support to faculty and staff on wellness activities that they are initiating for themselves and their family.  Examples include fitness club memberships, personal training, Weight Watchers membership or a GO! St. Louis 5k walk/run and other memberships/events like these.  We will continue to offer wellness programming and activities through Webster University, but this is an opportunity that will reach out to support employees in activities that they are personally pursuing.

While we are confident that the amount of funding will allow us to reimburse many employees who apply, be aware that there is no guarantee of reimbursement due to the limitation in funding.  Additionally, we will prioritize the reimbursements so that employees who have never received a reimbursement from Webster Wellness previously or are considered “new adopters” will be considered first each quarter.  Beyond that, we will consider your application on a first-come, first-serve basis.

See more detailed information under “Events/Programs” on the Webster Wellness blog.  The first quarterly applications are due by midnight Sunday, April 7, 2013.

Questions?  Contact wellness@webster.edu, or any member of the Webster Wellness Committee.


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2 Responses to Webster Wellness Announces 2013 Employee Reimbursement Program

  1. Theodore (Ted) D. Green says:

    Is it too late to submit Fitness Club membership costs for 2013, for 50% reimbursement? Does this program exist for 2014? Is there a form that needs to be submitted with proof of our payments?

    Thank you,
    Ted Green

    • debrazamora91 says:

      Hi Ted,

      Unfortunately, it is too late. I do believe more information will be posted in Webster Wellness regarding 2014. We went through the United Health Care money so we had to request for a budget. I’m not sure on the details just yet, but so far it will be for the Spring Semester. As far as submitting past receipts and proof of participation, feel free to e-mail Cheryl Fritz.

      Hope your year has started out healthy!

      Debbie Zamora
      Graduate Assistant
      Human Resources

      Check out our new information for The Twelve Months of Wellness outside of the HR office!

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