Webster Wellness 1st Annual Indoor “Try”-Athlon Results

On the behalf of the Webster Wellness Committee, congratulations to ALL 22 participants of the 2017 Webster Wellness 1st Annual “Try”-athlon.

The “Try”-athlon took place on April 17-23, 2017 in the University Pool & Fitness Center where participants competed against fellow members of the Webster community in one of the three divisions (All-in-a-day, One-Week Format and Team).

All participants are invited to the Final Celebration on April 28, 2017 @ Noon in the Library Conference Room. The top 3 in each division will receive awards and all participants will receive wellness bling and be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a grand prize.

The final results are as followed:


     Name                         Swim Time          Bike Time          Run Time       Total Time

Jonah Munzer                      7’16.67″                   17’27.32″              14’23.52″              0:39:07

SwimBikeRyan                     6’29.76″                   17’10.15″                16’00”                0:39:40

Becky Wheeler                      8’42.87″                  30’47.24″              19’09.77″            0:58:41

Nicholas Nesbitt                  13’47.02″                 29’29.31″               15’46.87              0:59:03

Vicki Coopmans                    9’10.12″                   30’47.24″              21’56.05″             1:01:53

John Link                                    X                          20’10.6″                17’25.98″             0:00:00


     Name                         Swim Time          Bike Time          Run Time        Total Time

Maggie                                   8’46.65″                    21’48”                 22’04.26               0:52:39

CFritz                                     10’55.38″                  21’28”                  25’35.57                0:57:59

Elissa                                       9’26.53                   24’33.09                 26’25”                 1:00:25

Karen Wakeland                  12’46.65                    44’33”                  35’30.36               1:32:50

Kim B.                                    15’09″93                   44’56”                    32’59”                  1:33:05


     Name                         Swim Time          Bike Time          Run Time       Total Time

The Ol’ College Try              7’40.78″                  19’28.11″              24’58.80″            0:52:08

#Shepersisted                       9’04.38″                 28’22”                  22’17.03              0:59:43

Gorloks of Wellness            16’43.82″                 26’45”                  18’58.70               1:02:28

Unicorns C.A.N.                   9’18.33″                 30’38.85″              25’32.04″             1:05:29

The Troublesome Trio       6’08.22″                 32’37.50″                     X                    0:00:00



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Destination: WELLNESS

             Destination: WELLNESS

                      ** (The Enhanced Mindful Mile Marathon) **

                     “Let’s take a holistic approach to wellness through
                    Destination: WELLNESS from March 22- April 26.”

Destination: WELLNESS is a 5-week challenge open to ALL students, staff and faculty at all campus locations. Focus on your health and wellness from the inside out, based on your personal goal(s) that you set in one or more of the following elements:

Wellness Wednesdays:
Make wellness FUN and holistic by participating in our events such as yoga, interactive games, financial seminars, etc. during our weekly Wellness Wednesday events.
• Week 1: Kick-Off— Wednesday, March 22 @ Noon (CST) in Presentation Room
• Week 2: Wednesday, March 29 @ Noon (CST) in Sunnen Lounge (YOGA)
• Week 3: Wednesday, April 5 @ Noon (CST) in Sunnen Lounge (MEDITATION & KNITTING)
• Week 4: Wednesday, April 12 @ Noon (CST) in Sunnen Lounge (FINANCIAL SEMINAR)
• Week 5: Wednesday, April 19 @ Noon (CST) in the Presentation Room (WELLNESS LEVERS)
Final Celebration: Friday, April 28 @ Noon (CST) in the Library Conference Room

Wellness “bling” will be given ALL participants and there are several opportunities to increase chances to win a grand prize throughout the 5-week challenge.

Look for weekly emails to keep you motivated and on track!

Register online:
Online registration is available at http://bit.ly/2mB6NAJ.
Registration will be accepted through March.
To get an increase chance of winning our grand prize, pre-register by the Kick-Off (Wednesday, 3/22).

Extended Sites:
Weekly meetings are available on WebEx. Go to websteru.webex.com , click on “Meeting Center” and search for “wellness”. Password is also “wellness”. This will permit live access to all our events during Destination: WELLNESS.

Questions? Contact wellness@webster.edu

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Swim (Splash). Bike (Mash). Run (Dash).

The “Try-athlon” will be held April 17-23, 2017 in the University Pool & Fitness Center for new and veteran triathlon participants. Part of our spring “wellness challenge” event, we offer this for anyone in our Webster University community interested in competing, a challenge or just for seeking new ways to move more and gain new heights!

Event distances:
Swim: 400 yards — Bike: 10 miles — Run: 2 miles

Participation divisions:
• Individual “All in a day”: individual entrants complete all 3 events at one time (by appointment)
• Individual one week format: individual entrants complete all 3 events in one week
• Team: 2 or 3 individuals register as a team and complete their event(s) in one day (by appointment) or over the week

Register online:
Individuals register HERE
Teams register HERE
Registration is Wednesday, Feb. 1 through Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Wednesday, February 1
Sunnen Lounge @ Noon

Available for participants who want support for any of the three events, swim – bike – run. You will get tricks and tips for training, outside resources and on-going help from our champion advisors Ryan Elliot, Myrna Homm & Julie “JP” Palmer.

All workshops will meet in the UC Conference Room
Swim – Tuesday, February 7 @ Noon
Bike – Friday, February 10 @ Noon
Run – Monday, February 13 @ Noon

FREE Registration
FREE Workshops
Prizes & Giveaways

Questions? Contact wellness@webster.edu


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Run & Run S’more 5K Race

runrunrunJoin in as a part of Webster’s team in the Run and Run S’more 5k, brought to you by Jackson Hill Foundation, on February 26, 2017 at Ladue Middle School at 7:30am.

Jackson Hill Foundation gives families tools to keep them healthy and well during hospital stays by funding and building Jackson Hill Wellness Centers in U.S pediatric hospitals.

The registration link can be found here!

The code for those interested in running the 5k and being part of Webster’s team is TEAMWEBSTER17, which participants can enter at checkout. The code gives participants $5 off the 5k.

**100% of the proceeds from the Run and Run S’more benefit the Jackson Hill Foundation and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.


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The Great American Smokeout (11/17/2016)


The Great American Smokeout – Thursday, Nov. 17

Do you want to quit smoking — or do you care about someone who does?  Webster Wellness and The American Cancer Society (ACS) urges people to use this date to sit down and make a plan to stop smoking. Another option: Planning ahead and making the Smokeout your quit date.

To learn more, visit www.cancer.org/smokeout. You’ll find tips and tools for people who want to live tobacco-free lives.

In addition, information tables with activities, games and signup sheets for our tobacco cessation support groups hosted by St. Louis County Health Department will be in the East Academic Building, Emerson Library, University Center and Marletto’s. While supplies last, “cold turkey” sandwiches will be served in Marletto’s and the University Center from 11:30am-1:00pm to people who draft a quit action plan, quit smoking for the day or sign up to participate in the tobacco cessation support group.

Tobacco Cessation Support Group

  • Informational Meeting: tentatively on Wednesday, Nov. 30 11:30a
  • 1st Meeting will be held in the third week of January 2017

Sign up on Thursday or send an email to wellness@webster.edu to get more information.

Perks galore! When you snuff out your last cigarette, you take a brave and powerful step toward a better, healthier life. Quitting can improve your breathing and lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other life altering illnesses.

Remember, if you give up smoking, you’re not the only one to profit. Quitting means you will also stop exposing your family and friends to toxic secondhand smoke. In the meantime, please respect the Webster University policy that “Smoking is prohibited within 30 feet of building entrances.”

The Great American Smokeout® is a registered trademark of the American Cancer Society.


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2016 Webster Wellness & Student Success Fair Winners & Final Remarks

The 2016 Webster Wellness & Student Success Fair was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to our 37 vendors who participated and approximately 250 attendees who came. We hope that the Wellness Infusion theme supported your wellness needs and desires spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, environmentally and financially. The goal of the Fair was to encourage attendees to make positive life-style changes that help improve your overall health and well-being.

On behalf of Webster Wellness and First –Year Experience thank you for attending and see you next year!

The seventeen winners of our attendance prize drawings are as followed:
Bethany Keller (Staff), Infuser Bottle
Brittany Madison (Student), Gorlok Headband
Chelsea Thornley (Student), Anytime Fitness prize
Debbie McWilliams (Staff), 3-30 minute sessions at Anytime Fitness
Gladys Smith (Staff), Natural Way prize
Hannah McFarland (Student), Infuser Bottle
Heather Arora (Staff), Infuser Bottle
Holly Hubenschmidt (Staff), Gold’s Gym Weight and Workout Instructions
Janet Babinsky (Staff), Resistance Band
Jenna Rodriquez (Student), 1 free month membership at Anytime Fitness
Jenny Andrews (Staff), 3-30 minute sessions at Anytime Fitness
Jessica Mckay (Staff), Anytime Fitness prize
Katlyn Garza (Student), Foam Roller
Maggie Dankert (Staff), Infuser Bottle
Ron Gibbs (Staff), Infuser Bottle
Sydney Lloyd (Student), Anytime Fitness prize
Vivy Renkins (Student), Yoga Mat

The six grand prize winners are listed below:
Cynthia Foder (Staff), Bullet Blender
Ethan Stohs (Student), Sports Bracelet
Gina Reeves (Student), Sports Bracelet
Kathleen Crabdree (Staff), United Healthcare First Aid Kit

Linda Walker (Staff), Free 60-minute massage from St. Luke’s Hospital
Tracey Brenner (Staff), Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Lastly, the Flu shot vaccination provided by Walmart Pharmacy on September 16, 2016 administered 70 flu shots for staff, faculty and students.

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2016 Webster Wellness & Student Success Fair

gorlokmodern SAVE THE DATE

2016 Webster Wellness & Student Success Fair

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Time: 11am- 2pm

Location: Grant Gym

This year’s theme is: ” Wellness Infusion” -Infuse your every-day journey with the tools for success

* Take advantage of this opportunity. Over 50 exhibitors focusing on wellness and/or student academic success will be present!

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2016 Mindful Mile Final Results


The 2016 Mindful Mile Marathon had a total of 109 participants (80 Staff, 14 Faculty & 15 Students). We are pleased to announce that the total miles of 9,682 increased from last year’s total miles of 8,521 miles. Overall, the highest miles recorded was 1,024 miles with an average of 88 miles per participant. Participants achieved these miles through various methods, some include: walking, running, bicycling, hiking, swimming, and more.

Lastly, the 2016 Mindful Mile Marathon had a 96% completion rate, meaning 105 out of the 109 participants completed the entire marathon of 26.2 miles.

On behalf of Webster Wellness, Webster Staff Alliance, Gorlok Fitness Club and Mindful by Sodexo congratulations and way to go!

The eleven winners of our random prize drawings are as followed:

Heather Arora (Staff), FitBit

Nancy Bender (Staff), FitBit

Paul Carney (Staff), Sports Headset

Gabbie Halley (Staff), Sport Bracelet

Masha Kinley (Student), Sports Headset

Alex Lubbe (Student), FitBit

Kathryn Luster (Staff), Juicer

Kate Pitman (Staff), Sports Bracelet

Margie Prader (Staff), Sports Bracelet

Kathleen Stevens (Student), FitBit

Sara Wagner (Staff), FitBit


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YMCA- Metro Saint Louis & Southwest IL

Webster has partnered with YMCA of Greater St. Louis and YMCA of Southwest IL to offer Webster University St. Louis area faculty and staff with a corporate membership, which includes:

Year Round:

  • 50% off  the joining fee
  • 50% off  the first full month’s dues
  • Up to $126 value
  • Access to Y classes and programs such as group exercise, personal training, swim lessons and child watch
  • Facility access to any of the 17 St. Louis locations

“Try the Y”– August 27- September 9 at Greater St.Louis and Southwest IL areas

  • 100% off  the joining fee
  • 100% off  the first full month’s dues
  • Up to a $209 value
  • Employees can enjoy up to 2 trial memberships per year

 Y membership offers our employees many opportunities and benefits, including those listed below. Visit www.ymcastlouis.org to learn more.

Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every youth and teen 

Kids will learn, grow and thrive in Y programs, whether they participate in swim lessons, sports or camp. As a bonus, when employees are members, they can enjoy lower rates when they register their children for these programs.

Healthy Living: Improving the nation’s health and well being

The Y brings our community together through programs and offerings that inspire fun and fitness! Enjoy a free fitness consultation upon joining, open gym/swim time, member rates on classes, lowest rates for Trout Lodge, and member privileges at reciprocating out of town YMCA’s.

Social Responsibility: Giving back and providing support to our neighbors

Employees can make an impact in our community by volunteering to coach youth sports, teach reading skills or lead fitness classes.

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Webster Wellness, Webster Staff Alliance, Gorlok Fitness Club and Mindful by Sodexo invites you to be a part of the:


REGISTER NOW AT: http://bit.ly/1VhbPwU

What is this? By signing up you commit to the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) from March 16–April 27. You can walk, run or perform other cardio by yourself or with a group. The point is to commit time and energy to being deliberately active outside of your everyday routine.

Who can participate?  This is open to ALL students, staff and faculty at all campus locations.

How much did this cost?  IT IS FREE….EXCEPT FOR YOUR TIME AND ENERGY! Plus you will get some goodies just for participating.

When do I start?  We’ll kick-off with our first mile together on Wed., March 16 at the Webster Groves campus. Check-in will take place in the Sunnen Lounge from 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Please bring your signed waiver to the kick-off and you’ll get a goodie bag.

How do I track my progress? Log 1) the number of miles and 2) the number of minutes, and 3) the method you used to exercise in any format you’d like. Note that the miles and minutes are counted when you are deliberately active (increased heart rate) for 20 minutes or longer at a time. We’ll send your registration e-mail a link to an online form for you to report your totals on April 27th.

Are there any incentives?  Yes! While 26.2 miles is our goal, you don’t need to stop there! Each participant who makes the goal is awarded a certificate and other Mindful Mile goodies. Participants who achieved their 26.2 miles will be entered into prize drawings. Nine prize drawings will be open to all participants and an additional two drawings will be specifically for students only. Opportunities will be provided to increase your chances to win a prize throughout the marathon. Look for weekly emails to keep you motivated and on track!

Prizes will be awarded at our final celebration on Fri. April 29, at noon, in the Emerson Library Conference Room or you can join via phone by calling 1-888-337-0215, participant code 4171229#. Light refreshments will be served.

Special Note for Extended Sites:  Contact your director to coordinate your local kick-off and send your waivers to wellness@webster.edu! Goodie bags will be sent to extended sites after registration closes.

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