Webster Today Submission Tips

Have an item to share with the University community, but not sure how to write it up? We can help.

The Webster Today team reviews and edits all submissions to webstertoday@webster.edu, and evaluates each for appropriate audience. But you can help improve your submission by using the following tips:

Subject Line of Your Email

What’s your story about? What would make a good headline? Put that in the subject line of your email. (e.g. “Webster Today submission” is actually not a helpful subject line. They are all Webster Today submissions!)

Content: Who, What, How…?

The basic rule of journalism applies here too: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Asking yourself those questions will help improve your submission.

Furthermore, the closer your post is tied, or at least oriented to, the overall mission and values of the institution, the more relevant it will be to the University community.

Identify Your Subjects

Is your submission about a staff member, a faculty member, a student, a community partner? Identify them, with job title or major/year.

Photos Save a Thousand Words

Particularly in this fast-paced, digitally saturated age, pictures can make the story. They help draw people in and, research shows, make people more likely to look at a blog post. So consider how you can send a (good) photo with your post. If you don’t have one, we can help.

For more tips on making Webster Today work for you, see the User Guide.