Webster Today User Guide

Note: This is an evolving guide that will be periodically updated as we adapt Webster Today to best serve the University community.

Contact Us

Send submissions, corrections and questions to webstertoday@webster.edu, or leave a comment in the individual story post. [Note: Comments are moderated, per policy below.]

For tips on how to send better submissions, see the Webster Today Submission Tips page.

The Webster Today Blog is your Up-to-Date Source for Internal News.

All staff members receive a daily email digest (“Webster Today email”), but that is just an abridged collection of items posted to the blog the day before. Webster Today is actually a public blog — a frequently updated site that you can check for stories at any time. A link to Webster Today is available on the home page of www.webster.edu. But you should bookmark this page: http://blogs.webster.edu/webstertoday and visit often for the latest internal news.

When you click “Read More” under a news item in the Webster Today email, you are taken to a full story on the Webster Today blog.

Finding and Publishing Calendar Events

Select Webster events are often promoted in advance through the Webster Today blog, however the central source for events is the University Events Calendar at events.webster.edu. A feed of upcoming events from that Events Calendar also appears on the right margin of the Webster Today blog.

You can submit events directly to the calendar, and they will be approved by Global Marketing & Communications staff and available to the viewing public. See this Webster Today post for instructions on using the Events Calendar.

Please note: Although a large proportion of the Webster Today audience is based in St. Louis, the daily email goes to a worldwide Webster audience.

Webster Today is Searchable.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t know where to look? The Webster Today blog has a search function. It’s in the white box labeled “search” on the right-hand margin of the page. Enter your search term there, and you should find the announcement you are looking for.

Because Webster Today is updated so often — it serves many different internal audiences, each of which has overlapping interests — items are bumped from the front page within a day or two. So the search box is an important tool. But so is the Categories menu…

Webster Today is Archived by Categories and by Date.

Another quick way to find recent items is through the categories menu. On the right-hand margin of any page is a “Categories” heading with a “Search Categories” drop-down menu. Most announcements are cross-listed in multiple categories, so try the ones that are most intuitive and you should find the items you’re looking for. Or, you can select a month in the archives link to scan the archives chronologically.

You can check out the Webster Today blog anytime – you do not have to wait for when the email reminder comes out. The blog is updated throughout the day, but the email reminder comes out only once a day. It is really better to bookmark the blog address so that you can check it out any time. You can also set up an RSS feed from the blog.

You Can Have Each Webster Today Item Delivered to Your Inbox.

Through what is called an RSS feed, you can have every Webster Today blog item delivered right to your inbox or RSS reader as it’s posted. Within your inbox or reader, you can set up a folder or filter to customize how you want items to appear.

To set up an RSS feed, click to this address: http://blogs.webster.edu/webstertoday/feed/

But you can even have only specific categories delivered via RSS by inserting the category into that URL. For example, if you wanted to receive only the Presidential Messages category, you would copy the URL from that category page [for example: http://blogs.webster.edu/webstertoday/category/presidential-messages/] and simply add “feed” at the end, like so:


Then, follow the directions for how you want the feed to go to your inbox or Reader. There are many email clients and readers out there, but every one is designed to be simple to use. “RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication!

Announcement Submission Deadline

Submit items to webstertoday@webster.edu. To have an item listed in the daily Webster Today email, the deadline is noon Central Time the day before you’d want the item to run.

However: Every announcement is posted within a timely period after it is received. If your item arrived too late to appear in the next day’s email, it will still be posted to the blog as soon as possible.

E-Mail Announcement Reminders

The Webster Today email is sent every day by noon, but it may arrive in inboxes in early afternoon. Keep that in mind when sending announcements for publishing in advance.

Your announcements are posted to the blog upon receipt and to the daily e-mail the following day. With the exception of special circumstances or decisions by editors, event and/or call to action announcements will be repeated once more in the email either the day before the event or the day of the event, depending on whether it is a daytime or evening event.

Extended and International Campus Submissions

The Webster Today email is sent to the worldwide list, so it goes out to all full-time faculty and employees through their @webster.edu email accounts. That means we are interested in news from extended and international campuses that would be relevant to the greater Webster worldwide audience.

Have great news about your campus? Send it in. Holding a conference or Webcast that welcomes papers or participation from the rest of the Webster network? Send it in. Best of all, if your campus held an initiative that you believe other campuses can copy or learn from as a best practice, write up a recap — Webster Today staff will help you edit it if necessary — and tell the whole Webster community about your success.

Can I Leave a Comment?

Submissions for new content by Webster staff or faculty can be sent via email to webstertoday@webster.edu.

Comments from community members are welcome on the blog itself but are moderated by Webster Today staff. When you submit a comment via the blog interface, editors may publish the comment as is, or they may contact you for clarification. Anonymous comments are not published.

Webster Today is a public blog but chiefly serves internal audiences to help advance the mission of the University. Thus, dialogue is welcome, particularly among internal constituents, but Webster Today editors reserve the right not to publish submitted comments if they are more appropriate for another forum (such as one-to-one communication or other internal-only discussion media), if they do not advance the mission of the University, or if they violate guidelines.

Standard Internet comment “don’t do” guidelines apply (e.g. Comments are unacceptable if they contain threats of violence, solicitations, slurs, personal attacks, belittling statements, incorrect information, are divisive in nature or intend to provoke, or exhibit other “troll”-like behavior, etc.).

What Happened to the Old Email Lists?

The stl-announcement list has been replaced by Webster Today, which is distributed to the worldwide-list. The stl-discussion list still exists for discussion items and for sharing news or thoughts that are not official university business.