Nursing Program Enters Dual Admission Agreement with St. Louis Community College

| June 24, 2015

Webster University and St. Louis Community College have signed a new agreement that will help provide a seamless transition for nurses seeking their Bachelor of Science in Nursing after earning an associate degree.

The dual admission agreement admits nursing students to St. Louis Community College and Webster University simultaneously, giving them access to resources at both institutions and allowing them to begin work on their BSN while still completing their ADN.  The agreement also helps St. Louis Community College students maximize the number of academic credits they can use toward their bachelor’s degree at Webster.

Webster and St. Louis Community College’s partnership serves not only the needs of nursing students, but the needs of the evolving healthcare industry: BSN-educated nurses are in greater demand than ever before. Employers are seeking nurses with higher education credentials as the role of nursing expands and becomes increasingly complex. Additionally, a landmark report on the future of the nursing profession issued by the Institute of Medicine in 2010 recommended that 80 percent of registered nurses obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing by the year 2020. Higher education institutions are therefore likely to see an influx of registered nurses seeking bachelor’s degrees in the coming years.

“Webster is pleased to partner with St. Louis Community College – an institution where many of our Webster graduates begin,” said Jennifer Broeder, Webster associate dean of Professional Programs and chair of the Nursing Department in the College of Arts & Sciences. “This agreement will help prepare nursing students for successful careers, and provide for our region the population of knowledgeable, skillful practitioners we need to keep our communities healthy.”

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