1-Year MBA Students in Hybrid Course See Brazilian Business, Sustainability, Culture

| May 28, 2015
Gunter with course instructor Yara De Andrade in Rio de Janiero.

Gunter with course instructor Yara De Andrade in Rio de Janiero.

The 1-Year MBA program incorporates the small classes, personal attention, international perspective, and real-world approach to learning that are hallmarks of the Webster University experience.

Webster student Mesha Gunter, a 1-Year MBA student from Jamaica who enrolled while working as human resources manager with Progressive Communications, knows that experience well.

Gunter, enrolled through Webster’s Orlando, Florida, campus location, shared her recent hybrid course experience with Deborah Straubinger, community relations coordinator at Webster Orlando.

Gunter’s cohort took advantage of the online hybrid course on sustainability, with the travel component taking her to Rio de Janiero, Brazil:

“Brazil was always on my ‘bucket list,'” Gunter said. “The trip is one of my most memorable experiences. I’m an island girl from Jamaica and love the tropical weather so Brazil was an easy choice for me.  Webster offers so many choices of global destinations included in the 1-Year MBA program it was hard to decide, but in the end Brazil won out over Costa Rica.”

Nonprofits, Nuclear Plans, Museums and Culture
Gunter snapped this panoramic views of Rio  from Sugarloaf Mountain, a peak 1,299 feet above the harbor of Guanabara Bay.

Gunter snapped this bird’s eye view of Rio from Sugarloaf Mountain, a peak 1,299 feet above the harbor of Guanabara Bay.

Professor Yara De Andrade was the guide for Gunter and other classmates Nervado Caymitte, Jeff Carfagna, Hannah Pellouchoud, Nicolas Schaffner, Erica Oliver, Silvia Martin, Kishore Gaus and Ephraim Amou-berry.

Gunter explained some of their site visits:

In Rio, we visited the nonprofit Futura TV and toured their production studios. The station offers free online and televised basic education programs for the general population. We also toured a nuclear plant in Angra Dos Reis. At the nuclear facility, we met the marketing manager who gave us a private presentation and tour.

We visited the MAR museum (Museu De Arte do Rio). This museum showcases Brazil’s rich African heritage through art. It captured the essence of the people: vibrant, colorful and very artistic. In this city, art is everywhere and very important in the Brazilian culture!

We also visited another site called Reicloteca, a nonprofit recycling company. They create art and products from plastics and other recyclable goods. It costs about $30,000 annually to run and only has two full-time employees and five volunteers. It is operated strictly on donations. We also visited Sugarloaf Mountain and Cristo Rendentor (Christ the Redeemer Statue), which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A priceless cultural and academic experience

Gunter said the trip was eye-opening and elicited new insights about business, culture and sustainability:

I appreciated the rich culture of the Brazilians. Even though a lot of classism exists, the beach is the big equalizer. Every class, race, educational background is represented together there playing football or just hang out with each other and nothing else matters.

The Brazilians are warm and friendly and are also very proud of their country and their culture. They are happy despite the little that some of them have, and I appreciate learning about the nonprofit organizations, as they receive little government funding but try to improve the country with what little they have. Brazil has plenty of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which exist solely to help improve their country and fellow Brazilians.

She also worked in some extra travel after the course, visiting Argentina to check another item off her bucket list: Iguassu Falls, which spans the border and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Two in one trip, I will never forget the experience!

It was a life changing experience for me and I am so glad I am in the 1-Year MBA program at Webster University in Orlando.

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