Recognition Breakfast Honors Include Caminada, Yamnitz as Staff Members of the Year

| May 19, 2015
Chairs - 25 Years

Staff and faculty honored for 25 years of service try out their new Webster chairs.

The annual post-commencement Faculty and Staff Recognition Breakfast held Tuesday, May 12, was an opportunity for community members to pause after a busy commencement weekend and salute outstanding faculty and staff for the year’s accomplishments and for career service milestones.

President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble thanked everyone for their work during commencement and over the academic year, introduced Department of Music chair Jeffrey Carter to lead the audience in singing the new alma mater, and congratulated the year’s award recipients.

Staff Members of the Year

The latter included the newly announced Staff Members of the Year, Cindy Yamnitz and Renata Caminada. The annual award recognizes a staff member(s) who has truly gone the extra mile in his/her position to make significant contributions to the University. The award includes a special honor at the annual breakfast and a $1,000 performance award. Nominators submitted a compelling one-page description of their choice staff member.



Renata Caminada, Webster Vienna

Caminada, head of Facility Management at Webster University Vienna, was praised for her role in relocating the Vienna campus to its new home at the Palais Wenkheim. The major undertaking could have resulted in numerous operational delays; however, according to Renata’s nominator, the campus move, including all necessary staff, faculty and student equipment, resources and infrastructure, were seamlessly installed and running smoothly in time for move-in day last summer.

“I cannot imagine how many hundreds, if not more, small and large tasks she had to accomplish in such a short time,” said her nominator, referring both to the relatively quick turn-around of the move itself, but also of Renata’s new employee status. She had just arrived as a new Webster employee a few months previous to leading her big project.

“As she continually adds tasks to her already long list, she does so while welcoming suggestions and even criticism,” added her nominator. “Renata is always there for her colleagues and always tries to find the best solutions for everyone. She is ready to discuss and solve issues with diplomacy.”

Based in Vienna, Caminada was unable to attend the breakfast. But attendees were treated to a video of her reflecting on the award and offering glimpses of the Palais Wenkheim.



Cindy Yamnitz, Academic Resource Center

Yamnitz, assistive technology coordinator, Academic Resource Center; and Renata Caminada, head of facility management, Webster University Vienna; are Webster’s 2015 Staff Members of the Year.

Cindy’s nominator praised her work in implementing and training various learning and mobility aides that optimize students with disabilities’ on campus learning experience. The student nominator says Cindy was instrumental in identifying effective ways to harness technology for the use of addressing her and other’s accessibility on campus.

“By working with you,” she said of Cindy, ”You have made my life easier here at Webster.” She added that Cindy helped her understand how to use Kurtweil, software designed to assist the vision impaired by converting text into the spoken word. “Your knowledge of technology is greatly appreciated,” said her nominator, adding that Cindy also introduced the Smart Pen to her nominator, which assists in note taking during class lectures: “Thank you so much for all that you do.”

Cindy ensured buttons were also installed for all of the doors in each building on campus, according to another staff member nominator. Students using mobility aides are now better able to enter and exit buildings to attend their classes. “We’ve gotten many things accomplished and other projects are in the works,” the nominator said.

Others Honored

Also honored at the breakfast were the previously announced recipients of the University’s major teaching awards, as well as faculty and staff reaching service milestones in five-year increments. Longtime faculty member William McConnell, believed the first to ever attain 50 years of service.

Additional Floating Holiday Awarded

Stroble also announced the awarding of an additional floating holiday.

“We have rallied together as a community in so many ways to support our students. In recognition of these tremendous efforts among all of our faculty and staff, all regular U.S. Webster employees will have an additional floating holiday for you to take at a time convenient to you before the end of 2015!”

See details for recording this additional holiday in this post.


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