Electrical Customer Substation Phase 2 Scheduled Work, Impact May 18-July 24

| May 18, 2015

Work continues on Phase 2 of the Electrical Customer Substation project. Please see below for local impact of work conducted during the next few weeks.

Electrical Wire Pulls

On Monday, May 18, the contractor, Kozney-Wagner, will begin the preparation work for the pull of electrical wire through the underground ductbank and directionally bored conduits from manhole #6 (south of the Pearson House and north of the East Academic Building) to manhole #8 (in front of the Thompson Music Building.) The wire will be pulled on Wednesday, May 20.

On Thursday, May 21, the contractor will begin the preparation work for the pull of the electrical wire from manhole #8 (in front of the Thompson Music Building) to manhole #8B (located on the west side of Parking Lot J by Edgar Road.) The wire will be pulled on Friday, May 22.

Transformer Enclosures

Starting on Monday, May 18, the contractor will begin work on the enclosures for the electrical transformers at the south sides of Maria Hall and Loretto Hall. They will be digging and pouring the foundations.

The contractor will start at Maria Hall on Monday, May 18, and Loretto Hall on Wednesday, May 20.

Visual Arts Building Retaining Wall, Transformer Pad

On Tuesday, May 26, the contractor will begin constructing a retaining wall and concrete transformer pad at the south side of Visual Arts Building.

There may be short durations that the sidewalk along Maria Hall and Visual Arts Studio will be closed. Several parking spaces in Lot D and Lot H will be closed for this work.

The scheduled date for completing the work mentioned above is July 24. The Department of Facilities Planning and Management will keep the local Webster Community informed as the Electrical Customer Substation work progresses. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jim Ward, project manager of Facilities Planning and Management, at 314-246-7481 or wardji@webster.edu.

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