In the News: Stroble in ACE Higher Education Today on Partnerships in Cuba

| May 12, 2015
Global Leaders in Residence - Lauten and Carrio

Legendary Cuban theatre figures Flora Lauten and Raquel Carrio spent five weeks at Webster University in St. Louis as part of Webster’s Global Leaders in Residence program.

Webster University President Elizabeth "Beth" Stroble

Stroble discussed expanding partnerships and opportunities in Cuba in a piece for ACE Higher Education Today.

“Opening Cuba and the World to Webster University Students,” a feature by President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble in the ACE Higher Education Today blog, explores the possibilities for colleges and universities under the United States’ new relationship with Cuba.

The article notes Webster’s history of “opening previously closed worlds to students,” while highlighting its continued internationalization initiatives that include the recent partnership with University of Havana in Cuba:

“Study abroad is just the beginning. Colleges and universities—including Webster—have been pursuing a full range of academic partnerships that only promises to expand under the new diplomatic relations.

Truly significant and substantive academic partnerships often begin with longstanding relationships between individuals.”

To the latter point, the article outlines a growing body of such partnerships and relationships — ranging from faculty in international relations and the arts, to film and chess, and the Global Leaders in Residence program — that have enabled Webster to continue “opening worlds” between these two cultures.

As we seek to enhance these academic partnerships and relationships in ways that are transformative in educating ourselves and our students as global citizens, I am most encouraged by three activities in 2015: the chance to host two Cuban theatre artists as Global Leaders in Residence, the invitation for Webster’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts to bring one of its productions to the Havana International Theatre Festival in October, and the opportunity for Webster students in the Global M. A. in International Studies program to study in Havana.

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