Mindful Miles Marathon 2015 Winners; 8,521 Miles from 124 Participants

| May 5, 2015

Congratulations to this year’s Mindful Mile Marathon participants! The goal was to walk, run or exercise an amount equivalent to 26.2 miles from March 18-April 28. Sponsors for this event included: Webster Wellness, Webster Staff Alliance, Gorlok Fit Club and Mindful by Sodexo.

Results reported by participants were almost double last year, with this year’s total of 8,521 miles and 150,620 minutes coming from 124 participants — 16 students, 18 faculty and 88 staff members.

This year’s participants who earned top miles and top minutes overall were awarded with a FitBit device:

Faculty/Staff Miles

  • William Houth, assistant director, Colorado Springs Metro, 690 miles
  • Vickie Fredrick, AVP and assistant treasurer, 264 miles
  • Ryan Elliott, director of advancement services, 253 miles

Faculty/Staff Minutes

  • Dominik Jansky, director communications, 4,560 minutes
  • Jennie Popken, athletic trainer, 4,515 minutes
  • Christal Chu, IT tech support technician, 4,010 minutes

Student Miles

  • Nora Radway, senior, graduating this month with a BA in Speech Communication Studies, 192 miles

Student Minutes

  • Jonah Munzer, sophomore, seeking a BA in Theatre Studies & Dramaturgy, 2,557 minutes

We also want to recognize the outstanding efforts of Linda Woolf, Department of Psychology, who has been on the top three miles list the last three years (2015-2014-2013) for a total of 668 miles. Thank you for your continued participation and setting a great example of perseverance!

Thank you to all who participated. And to all others, keep in mind that a mile starts with the first step, so keep on moving!

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