Learning Happens Everywhere: Student Affairs presents faculty award to Chamberlin, Baden, Kwon

| April 28, 2015
Associate deans John Buck and Colette Cummings with Learning Happens Everywhere award recipient Bob Chamberlin.

Associate deans John Buck and Colette Cummings with one of the three 2015 Learning Happens Everywhere award recipients, Bob Chamberlin.

Webster University’s 22nd Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony at was held Friday, April 24 in the Community Music School Concert Hall, with over 170 in attendance, including students and their guests, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni.

This was the second year for the Learning Happens Everywhere Award, presented to faculty in recognition of exemplary collaboration with Student Affairs professionals by:

  • Preparing students exceptionally well for life beyond Webster University
  • Facilitating powerful learning experiences beyond the classroom
  • Engaging in retention-related activities and initiatives
2015 Learning Happens Everywhere Award Recipients

Professor of music theory and composition Bob Chamberlin, who is retiring in May after 42 years at Webster, was recognized for working closely in partnership with Student Affairs in many ways over his career, including serving as interim dean of students, working on retention issues as director of academic advising, co-chairing a task force that explored the integration of career and academic planning, as well as participating in countless student programs when asked by student leaders.

Larry Baden, associate professor of journalism, was recognized for his years of working with Student Affairs to facilitate powerful learning experiences beyond the classroom, including serving as an advisor to multiple student organizations, serving as the faculty representative for athletics, teaching a course in a learning community for nine years, serving on judicial and sexual offense hearing boards, and working closely with student affairs staff to help students overcome obstacles and stay in school.

JB Kwon, assistant professor of anthropology and chair of the multicultural studies committee, was recognized for working closely with Student Affairs staff and students to facilitate powerful learning experiences beyond the classroom, including the creation of a new learning community on diversity, the development of a new common reading program for next year, and providing opportunities for students to address challenging issues such as social justice and race relations, especially following the events in Ferguson.


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