The Big 100 Goes Green

| April 20, 2015
Big 100 - April 2015

The Centennial’s “Big 100” in April 2015.

The large 100 installed on the East Academic Building north lawn symbolizes Webster’s Centennial and 100 years of serving students. Recently painted green by students, the large 100 was originally part of the Centennial Kickoff celebration in downtown St. Louis in September 2014. Hundreds of people signed the 100 and wrote wishes for Webster’s future.

Centennial - Big 100

Measuring 14 by 12 feet and 18 inches high, the Big 100 was relocated to Webster Groves after the Centennial kickoff downtown.

Measuring 14 by 12 feet and 18 inches high, the Big 100 is an evolving, interactive installation for members of the Webster University community to celebrate the University’s 100th anniversary.

After the kickoff, the Big 100 was moved to its current location on the Webster Groves campus, where it will remain installed through Webster’s Centennial year.

According to Barbara O’Malley, chief communications officer and Centennial Committee working chair, the installation is made for people to paint over signatures and other drawings on the 100 – especially as the original messages fade away due to exposure to elements.

“We are thrilled that students, faculty, staff and retirees, alumni and community members will continue to paint and repaint, sign and re-sign the sculpture,” she said. “This is an important symbol of our 100-year celebration and the Centennial Committee was hoping for some colorful paintings and creative graffiti that will continue to change as the year goes on. We were hoping it would be a great conversation starter.”

All are encouraged to repaint, sign or draw on the Big 100.

Keep up with all Centennial activities at the Centennial site ( , and share on social media with the hashtag #webster100.

Note: The installation is intended as a way to engage our community in the Centennial celebration. As such, merchandising, outside advertising, and any language/symbolism deemed inappropriate for the Centennial or incongruent with Webster University’s code of conduct is prohibited. Webster University reserves the right to paint over or remove any messages that violate this policy.

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