Employee Spotlight: Bullerdieck leads ‘Transitions’ for students

| April 9, 2015


During her five years with the Academic Resource Center, Erin Bullerdieck‘s work has made a direct impact on Webster University students.

She is behind Webster’s Transitions Program, which helps incoming students understand and adapt to the transition to college. Bullerdieck proposed, created, and directs Transitions, and has been an integral part of that initiative’s TAP Summer Program since its inception. In creating Transitions, she saw a need for helping students enjoy a smoother transition into University culture, and she created and implemented a practical program that allows students to do just that.

That work and the endorsement of her nominators earned Bullerdieck the Employee Spotlight Award last fall.

The larger Transitions program prepares each student for the academic rigor of Webster University and provides students with an overall knowledge of the resources available to them.

The TAP Summer Program brings students who are admitted  with conditions to spend a week at the University, to meet with their faculty advisers, earn 1 credit of Webster 101, meet with an array of campus resources, and have Writing Center appointments. The TAP Summer Program liaises with constituents across campus — from advising and faculty to library, Academic Affairs, housing, and more — while also providing current Webster students with leadership opportunities. The program directly advances Webster’s mission by “ensure[ing] high quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship  and individual excellence.” The 2014 TAP Summer Program took place last July.

Students who completed the TAP Summer Program posted many positive experiences via social media and shared how much they enjoyed the program, how much they learned, and how excited they were to come back to Webster for the fall semester, with many of the incoming students noting that “Webster already feels like home.”

Bullerdieck personally worked numerous hours beforehand to make sure the program ran smoothly, and during the dates of the program, she worked during weekends and evenings to ensure its success. She consistently performs exceptional work and it promotes not only her program, but also all of the services of the entire Academic Resource Center, and the University as a whole, her nominators say.

The payoff is in seeing the outcomes with students, she says. “It is really gratifying to watch them grow, change and succeed here. My department also has such a caring staff. It is so nice to work with an entire team of people who share a passion for helping students. I love working for Webster because you can feel the connectedness among faculty, staff and students here, it feels like home.”

Bullerdieck’s commitment to Webster and its students is exceptional, her nominators say. She consistently goes beyond the scope of her departmental responsibilities and displays a high personal investment in her students, “Graduation this year was especially meaningful for me,” she said. “This was the first graduation for students that I started the journey at Webster with through Transitions in 2010.”

Outside of her position, Bullerdieck enjoys a wide variety of hobbies. “I am a freelance graphic designer and I also love painting, up-cycling, and DIY art projects. I read a lot and I love playing games and laughing with my 7-year-old.”

Winning the Spotlight Award allowed Bullerdieck to reflect on the wonderful people she works with. “I work with so many outstanding people, to be recognized among them for this award is truly an honor,” she said. “It reinforces my passion for this work and reminds me of the tremendous support that I have at Webster.”

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About the Employee Spotlight Award

The Employee Spotlight Award recognizes staff members for going above and beyond their normal daily duties to assist a co-worker, another department, a student or anyone else. The award recognizes and rewards two staff members each month for outstanding service to Webster University. Winners receive a choice of two different prizes: A day off with pay or a $100 Series EE Savings bond.

Human Resources opens nomination windows four times a year, with the calls for nominations publicized through Webster Today. The most recent nomination window was in March.

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