Windows 7 Update: Completed migrations, more scheduled

| April 8, 2015

Windows 7 Migration updates as of Friday, April 3:

  • 144 of the 2500 PCs targeted for Windows 7 migration have been completed.
  • Fix was put in place to address post migration printer problems on April 1, issue experienced by a subset of migrated users.
  • Most users’ email and calendar migrated without incident.
    • A few exceptions which were addressed post-migration.
    • Due to the University’s unique email environment, we expect to continue to see some one-off situations which will need to be addressed post migration.

Planned migrations for the week of March 30 include:

  • Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Advancement
  • Multicultural Center
  • Project Management Office

Planned migrations for the week of April 6 include:

  • Academic Advising
  • Career Planning
  • Public Safety

For additional information please see the Windows 7 and Infrastructure Enhancement website.

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