Sounds of Success: Audio Program Celebrates 25 Years

| April 3, 2015
Audio Aesthetics and Technology

Over its 25 years the audio program, which has added online offerings and an international focus, has become the largest in the School of Communications.

Loud sounds, glaringly bright red doors, a leopard skin lamp and a Spinal Tap action figure are just a few of the signs that the audio labs at Webster University’s School of Communications offer a slightly different learning experience from what you’d find in the more traditional classrooms down the hall.

“We’ve worked really hard to create a positive and fun atmosphere,” said Barry Hufker, professor and chair of the Department of Audio Aesthetics and Technology. “We try to make it so that from the moment you enter, you feel like this is an exciting, different and creative place to be.”

The program began 25 years ago with only seven students and two small studios in Webster Hall and within two years the number of students had increased to 60. Today, with 125 students, the program is the largest in the School of Communications, offering online courses, a focus in international education and an audio recording summer camp for high school students.

“Webster had the foresight to know that they wanted to have an audio program,” said Hufker, the only faculty member who has been with the program for all 25 years of its history. “I knew that we didn’t want just a music recording program… We were the first school anywhere to teach audio for media in all of its forms. If it has to do with entertainment media – we’ve got it covered.”

Read the full story at, including thoughts from alumni like Jessica Kasström, a 2011 graduate from Sweden who has leveraged the international emphasis in her career.

For more information on the Bachelor of Arts degree in Audio Production, visit the School of Communications website.

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