In the News: Chess champs in NY Times, TV; Mandzukic in Post-Dispatch

| March 31, 2015

Recent news media coverage involving Webster University community members includes:

Chess National Championship in New York Times, St. Louis TV

The Webster University chess team’s third consecutive national championship garnered several appearances in the news.

Before last weekend’s President’s Cup, the “Final Four of Collegiate Chess,” the New York Times ran a feature on the tournament quoting head coach Susan Polgar. Though Webster entered as the top seed — and indeed, had its strongest Final Four performance ever — Polgar noted that anything can happen in a short, four-team tourney:

“It is a short competition,” said Susan Polgar, a former women’s world champion who is the coach of Webster University of St. Louis, the top seed. “In shorter competitions, there is more randomness.”

Read the full Times story here.

After the win, St. Louis TV stations spoke with some of the winners:

  • NBC affiliate KSDK Newschannel 5 interviewed Webster student Ray Robson, who was on the championship entry, to discuss his team’s achievement.
  • St. Louis TV station KPLR Channel 11 had Webster student grandmasters Ray Robson, Anna Sharevich and Katerina Nemcova on a studio panel with the Cup for a great conversation about their training, their lifelong backgrounds in chess, and its impact on their lives.
Mandzukic in Post-Dispatch on Bosnian History

Elvir Mandzukic, Faculty Development Center coordinator and adjunct faculty member, was quoted in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story about a local high school class that brings in war veterans and refugees to discuss their history with students. A recent class included St. Louisans from Bosnia.

The Bosnian population in St. Louis is considered the largest outside of Bosnia itself, and many have earned degrees from Webster University since moving to the area.

To put his experience of living through the Bosnian war in perspective for the students sitting around him, Elvir Mandzukic told them about leaving their home and landing in a college class in a new country a short time later. A college student when the war broke out, he had been helping refugees in Bosnia before he left.

One girl asked if he missed it.

“I’ve learned that if you have friends, no matter where you are, that’s where your home is,” he said.

Read the full story at stltoday.


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