Teachers Matter: Promoting partnership, measuring efficacy in teacher preparation

| March 30, 2015
Professional Development Schools National Conference

Webster University School of Education faculty and partners presented at the Professional Development Schools National Conference.

Over spring break, School of Education professors Stephanie Mahfood, Basiyr Rodney and Paula Witkowski traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to present at the National Association for Professional Development Schools Conference.

The presentation was done in partnership with Sarah Christman, founder and principal of the The Soulard School (TSS), and Ann Luciani, who is a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduate and teacher at TSS. Abigail Allred, an MAT student at Webster in the Secondary Language Arts certification program, also joined this team’s presentation.

Webster University and TSS recently received funding from the Boeing Corporation to design and implement a formalized impact analysis to measure the effects of a systematic early field experience with TSS’s pedagogical approach on educator’s preparation and education innovation. In an effort to respond to the grant’s charge as well as to restructure the current MAT programs, Mahfood, Rodney and Witkowski have redesigned the gateway course, CMAT 5000: Teaching in a Diverse Society. The redesigned gateway course aims to narrow the separation between coursework and field experience and expose entering teacher candidates early  to the real world of the teaching profession.

CMAT 5000 ‘Teaching in a Diverse Society’

The ‘Teaching in a Diverse Society’ course is designed to immerse the students immediately into a creative school environment where they work with practicing teachers and have the opportunity to ask questions, observe and discuss issues that focus on professional dispositions, response to student diversity, methods for engaging families, major curricular and instructional theories as well as methods of assessment. Faculty from TSS have collaborated with Webster faculty and MAT students on collecting, analyzing and disseminating data related to the project’s objectives.

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