GLA Fellows Gain Overview of Webster Worldwide Network on Day 3

| March 12, 2015
Global Leadership Academy

Monday closed with a reception with current fellows and past GLA graduates, many of whom present during the week’s sessions.

The third day of this week’s gathering of the Global Leadership Academy 2015 cohort included operational and strategic overviews of academics, finance, marketing and branding, and advancement.

Hellerud: Understanding Webster’s Worldwide Network

Vice Provost Nancy Hellerud, a 2012 GLA fellow, joined this year’s cohort for their morning session, providing an overview of the Webster network including how students are counted – headcount, census, credit hours, and full-time equivalents (FTE). The fellows explored snapshots of numbers at the St. Louis campus, metro and military campuses, online and international campuses. They looked at breakdowns of military/civilian roles of our students at military campuses, numbers of students in programs and diversity and demographics of the student body overall.

Discussion ranged from small programs that for various reasons must remain small, to the support and infrastructure needed to target growing particular programs or recruit groups of diverse students. Hellerud explained the review process of extended U.S. campuses, and the strengths and potential of such sites. Delving into the higher education landscape, she compared Webster data to U.S. higher education data, highlighting areas where the Uuniversity is doing well and areas that need attention.

GLA reception 2015

GLA provides fellows an overview of the entire Webster global network, providing opportunities to form relationships and address opportunities and challenges across campus locations and departments.

Hellerud, who chaired the Strategic Planning Committee, wrapped up with an update of the strategic planning process and what the next steps will be.

Strategic Finance and Budgeting

Leaders from Finance and Administration led the early afternoon session. Greg Gunderson the chief financial officer and a 2012 GLA fellow), was joined by members of his team — Curt Vehlewald, a 2013 GLA fellow, Vickie Fredrick and Barrett Studdard — to walk the fellows through the structure of Finance & Administration, details of the university financial statement, how tuition is priced, and the impact of recent cost-saving measures.

Gunderson then launched the fellows on a yearlong financial simulation to help them better understand the intricacies of building a university budget.

Strategic Advancement and Branding

The fellows wrapped up the afternoon with Barbara O’Malley the chief communications officer and a 2012 GLA fellow, and Charles Hahn, vice president for Advancement.

Their jointly planned session enlightened the fellows on topics in strategic advancement and branding. Hahn gave an overview of the mechanics and philosophy of advancement. “Donors give because of students and faculty – that’s it!” he said.

O’Malley, who is also co-chair of the Centennial Committee, explained the structure and functions of Webster’s Global Marketing and Communications unit, and led the fellows through a brainstorming activity about the Webster brand through the years.



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