Geneva Faculty, Students in Partnership with International Secondary Schools

| February 17, 2015
Geneva - Community Week

Discussing Behavioral and Social Science programs during international high school Community Week in Geneva

Webster University faculty and students presented a workshop series on a variety of academic topics for secondary students as part of a partnership with international educational institutions in Geneva.

As a result of collaboration on community service projects between the International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations and Webster University Geneva, secondary school students were offered four workshops by Webster Geneva faculty and their student assistants during the recent high school international Community Week.

Geneva - Secondary School International Community Week

Webster Geneva faculty and students presented workshops on virtual reality, psychology, journalism ethics and international relations.

Workshop topics included virtual reality in computer science, psychology, journalism ethics in media communications and international relations in the 21st century. The students demonstrated great enthusiasm in exploring new topics, which nurture their development as active and engaged citizens.

Webster faculty and students were warmly welcomed by the community, with campus leaders also excited that the project fosters partnership between Webster University Geneva, the International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations.

The school principal cited this collaboration in a written communication to all the secondary school’s parents, proposing further collaboration between the International School and Webster.

The International School of Geneva comprises eight schools on three campuses. In 2015, there are 4450 students, of over 141 nationalities, aged between 3 and 18. Established in 1924, its guiding principles are an education that places the child at the center, committed to promoting bilingualism, to fostering respect for diversity, and to educating for peace and international citizenship.


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