Webster University Fight Song Contest Now Open

| February 4, 2015
Fight Song Contest

The contest is open until June 1 for the new Webster Fight Song, which will be announced in August 2015. A $2,500 prize will be awarded to its creator.

As part of the year-long Centennial celebration, Webster University is hosting a Fight Song Contest open to Webster University faculty, staff, students and alumni. Celebrating 100 years and counting, the creation of a first-ever Fight Song will represent the mission of our university in the 21st century.

We invite you to submit your fight song contest proposal now through June 1, 2015. The new Webster Fight Song will be announced in August 2015 and a $2,500 prize will be awarded to its creator.

The Fight Song Team (composed of students, faculty, and alumni) will select from three to five finalist submissions based on the overall quality of the lyrics and music. Members of the team will pay particular attention to the appropriateness of the lyrics (celebrating Webster’s mission, vision, and values) as well as to the marriage of lyrics and music.

The new fight song will be chosen by the president and other senior academic and student leadership. In the event that fewer than three submissions are found to be acceptable either by the Team, or by the University, the Contest may be extended and deadlines adjusted accordingly.

See full details below or at the Fight Song page on the Centennial site.

Contest Details

Prize: A cash prize of $2,500 will be awarded to the winning entrant.

Participants: Fight Song Contest is open to all Webster University faculty, staff, student body, and alumni. Participants will write both the poetry and the melody/harmony of the new fight song. The fight song text should celebrate Webster’s mission, vision, and values, and of course speak of Gorlok pride.

Musical Form: Most fight songs are built in four phrases or four phrases and a chorus. They are often march-like. Appropriate musical forms include the AABA song form, ABAB form, and the verse/chorus form. We urge participants in the contest to review the fight songs of other schools (try an on-line search, where you will find many examples), and to compose a fight song that is rhymed, rousing in both text and music, and easily singable. The word “Webster” should of course appear in the text. The tune should be memorable and appropriate for use at all athletic events and other appropriate activities. A length of 16-32 measures is required. Participants may include more than one verse, but only one verse is required and only the first verse included will be judged

Finalists: All contestants agree that, should their submission be selected as a finalist, that submission becomes the intellectual property of Webster University, in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated on the intellectual property release form. Finalists also agree to the re-recording of their submissions if necessary to ensure a consistent quality for all recordings to be voted on by leadership. Finalists also agree that Webster University retains full rights to cause renditions and arrangements of the fight song to be created, recorded, and distributed.

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Carter
Chair of the Department of Music and Centennial sub-committee chair


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