Graphic Design Students Create Unique Mark for International Languages & Cultures

| December 22, 2014
The student-designed International Language & Culture mark

The student-designed International Language & Culture mark is inspired by a photo of Tibetan prayer flags.

This semester, the International Languages and Cultures (ILC) Department in the College of Arts & Sciences worked with Webster University graphic design students to create a unique mark that characterized the philosophy and mission of the department.

Associate professor Noriko Yuasa of the Art, Design and Art History in the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts engaged her students for this project as part of the DESN 4200 graphic design class.

The class stresses the importance of real work experience, in conjunction with examining the social responsibilities of graphic design. Drawing from a photo of Tibetan prayer flags as inspiration, students worked in small groups to create a mark that represented the ILC Department.

Six small groups provided the ILC Department with many options to choose from. The two students who designed the winning mark were Loren Nemetz and Lucille Osborne.

Behind the Design

DESN 4000 course students

Graphic design students in DESN 4000, “Design for Good”

Yuasa’s philosophy for this advanced-level graphic design course is reflected in this project. The course, entitled “Design for Good,” puts students in a real-life situation of having to perform a service for a “client.”

Yuasa believes the biggest learning point for students is learning how to collaborate. Students must work with both their classmates as peers and campus departments as clients. While working with on-campus clients creates a smaller project with a tighter budget, the feedback that the ILC faculty members provided were educational and beneficial for the students to grow as designers.

Nemetz and Osborne are excited that their design will be seen on a global scale. They decided not to be too straightforward with the flag inspiration but still included the idea of movement in their design. “We chose the three primary colors to keep it simple but then allowed those colors to overlap and create new colors—just how languages and cultures overlap and create something beautiful.”

For the ILC Department, it was very hard to decide on one of the designs, as they liked all of them. Since the mark is to be used by everyone in the department, the designs were laid out on a table so all the faculty members could take time to look and vote. Selecting the design has had an impact not only upon the academic department, but also on the students in the Society of International Languages and Cultures (SILC) club who were also apart of the voting process. The result is a set of marks created by the talented Webster community that both the students and faculty of the ILC Department are proud to call their own.

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