Strategic Plan Update: Feedback invited; town hall video, slides available

| December 17, 2014
Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee fielded questions during the town hall. Additional input is sought from the Webster community by Jan. 5

On Dec. 11, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee presented a Town Hall, describing progress made on Webster’s new strategic plan – Global Impact for the Next Century.

A video of the Town Hall, along with PowerPoint slides which include the draft plan, can be viewed from the Office of the Provost’s website here.

Feedback and comments on the plan are welcome and invited! A survey is being sent to Webster employees via e-mail, providing a way to send comments on the plan. The survey has the text of the plan, so those who attended the Town Hall do not need to review the video or slides unless they wish to.

The deadline for feedback is Monday, Jan. 5, 2015. The revised plan will be presented at Spring Convocation on Jan. 15.

Strategic Plan Town Hall

After opening remarks from President Stroble and Provost Schuster, Vice Provost Nancy Hellerud walked the audience through the plan structure before introducing the Steering Committee.

Introducing the Plan

In opening the town hall, President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble emphasized the importance of community members continuing to participate in the development of the plan by offering feedback.

“This strategic plan is not a consultant’s plan. It’s not the president and provost’s plan. It’s our plan,” Stroble said. “And your input so far has caused that to happen. Now we’re at a critical moment where that input needs to continue.”

“The solutions to how Webster will be well positioned in the future, in our second century, are from us,” Stroble said. “We can wish demographics were different, we can wish the economy was different, we can wish many things in life were different, whether we’re talking about social conditions and inequities, or how federal and state policy affects higher education. But the biggest impact must come from us.”

Appearing on recorded video while traveling on University business, Julian Schuster, Webster’s provost, senior vice president and chief operating officer, reinforced that sentiment, calling the Webster community’s efforts essential to the process that has brought the plan to this stage. “Your input, your objections, suggestions and constructive criticism will improve this work and this process, ultimately resulting in a better plan,” Schuster said. “It is this strategic plan and this process that will address our challenges and move us toward better times.”


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  1. Kari Eckelkamp says:

    Is there a way to give feedback? I do not see a link providing this opportunity. Thanks!