Webster University St. Louis Responds to Regional Unrest

| November 26, 2014

As the St. Louis region dealt with the aftermath of the grand jury findings, Webster University closed its St. Louis-area campuses on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Although there were not any demonstrations on or around Webster campus locations that the University is aware of, many of Webster University faculty, staff, students and parents of students live in impacted areas in the region. Many were thankful that the University closed so that they did not have to venture through what they considered to be unsafe neighborhoods around their homes.

See the message from President Beth Stroble and Provost Julian Schuster regarding the events in St. Louis at the webster.edu homepage and also at webster.edu/diversity-community/engage.

Call Center

In anticipation of questions from Webster community members regarding potential unrest in the St. Louis-area, a dedicated Call Center staffed by volunteer staff members opened on Nov. 17. To date, the Call Center has received more than 200 calls from concerned students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni.

“Callers have voiced their appreciation for Webster’s sensitivity to the fact that students, faculty and staff might live in other locations around the region and feel unsafe leaving their neighborhoods,” said Global Marketing Communications (GMC) director of Internal Communication, Christine Eason, who led the Call Center efforts.

Eason, in collaboration with IT Systems administrator Paul Gaydos, introduced a new toll-free number for emergencies. The toll-free number is 844-WU-READY (844-987-3239).

Additionally, the Webster community is encouraged to review information at webster.edu/ready-at-webster. This site contains FAQs related to Ferguson and is being updated as needed.

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