Video: ‘How to Recruit, Retain and Grow Talent’ Panel

| October 30, 2014

Walker School Dean Benjamin Akande welcomed Enterprise Holding’s Ed Adams and RX Outreach’s Michael Holmes for the panel “How to Recruit, Retain and Grow Talent” on Oct. 8.

When it comes to hiring talented employees, human resources professionals must know not only how to recruit the right talent, but also how to retain, grow and ensure that the talent has the ability to adapt as the organization changes.

The George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology hosted the panel discussion, “How to Recruit, Retain and Grow Talent,” concerning human resources development for their latest Walker Speaker Series on Oct. 8.

Ed Adams, senior vice president of human resources at Enterprise Holdings, and Michael Holmes, president of RX Outreach, shared strategies during the panel focused on improving an organization’s culture, empower its employees and guide their development.

Benjamin Akande, dean of the Walker School, opened the event by saying that talent makes the difference in an organization’s ability to move from success to significance.  “Success is a result of a well laid out strategy, which often begins with the identification of good talent,” he said. “When it is done right, success can be measured by the ability to do it over and over again.”

Read more at the Walker School blog. For more insights on these and other ideas relevant to the workplace, watch the Speaker Series video with Adams and Holmes.


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