In the News: Sargent Cover Story for Arts Award; Rishe on Soccer and Football, K.C. Kemper Arena Plans

| October 9, 2014
Dean Peter Sargent will be presented with a lifetime achievement award from the Webster Groves Arts Commission on Oct. 10.

“I’m not always comfortable with awards, but this is my community and I’m very proud of what we do here,” Sargent told the Times. “The chance to represent the quality of arts in Webster Groves is terrific. It’s a humbling and wonderful thing.”

Recent media coverage involving Webster University community members includes:

Peter Sargent, dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, will be feted Friday at a reception for his Webster Groves Arts Commission’s annual Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award.

For the occasion, Sargent was profiled in this week’s Webster-Kirkwood Times cover story, which tells the background of Sargent’s career at Webster University and his many contributions to the local arts scene as “a giant in the field” of lighting design:

“My dad, Theodore, had been a teacher, but later worked for Sylvania Electric and did lighting for community theaters in that area,” Sargent said. “My mom, Doris, did summer theater and community theater acting, but all of it avocational. I was a child actor who later moved over to being backstage. I helped my dad do productions, helping carry in lights — and things sort of evolved. Theater is a collective group of people who bring stories to life, and that always made it interesting to me.”


“Working with the kind of students we get, I can’t help but be excited about the future,” Sargent said. “We’re getting such amazingly talented young artists. That’s what keeps you young. That’s why I don’t see retirement for me. These people challenge you, and you need to stay on top.”

Read more quotes and details in the full story in the Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Rishe on Soccer and American Football at BBC Radio 5; on Youth Sports in KC Star

With the National Football League playing games in London, there is talk of whether the English Premier League would consider playing regular season soccer games in the United States. BBC Radio 5 invited Patrick Rishe, professor of economics in Webster University’s George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, to discuss the potential for profit.

Rishe said it would be a big hit in the States:

“At the end of the day, there is a huge difference between soccer in America, and American football in Europe. Soccer is already very popular in the States. A real match — not just a scrimmage — between, say Manchester United and Chelsea — would sell out Giants Stadium, would sell out the Rose Bowl, in a heartbeat.

I don’t see American football becoming wildly popular in England and across Europe. But soccer is already popular and growing in the States.”

Separately, Rishe was quoted in the Kansas City Star as the city deals with competing proposals on what to do with the aging Kemper Arena, which one group has proposed could be repurposed for youth sports.

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