New FLC: Exploring Collaborative Learning Oct. 31

| October 1, 2014

The Faculty Development Center announces the formation of a new Faculty Learning Community (FLC), Exploring Collaborative Learning.

The Exploring Collaborative Learning community will focus on why and how we learn in group contexts and establish best practices for collaborative learning. This FLC will explore a wide array of topics related to group-based instruction and relevant topics, such as developing group frameworks and models, measuring team qualities and characteristics, virtual collaboration, factors of group productivity, collaboration and creativity and much more. The Exploring Collaborative Learning FLC will be moderated by associate professor Carol Williams.

RSVP for Oct. 31 Luncheon

The Exploring Collaborative Learning FLC inaugural meeting will take place on Friday, Oct. 31, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Faculty Development Center. If you are interested in joining the FLC, please RSVP via email to Chris Jones at so there will be enough food for all. JOnes will also enroll those who RSVP into the FLC’s WorldClassRoom group, providing access to additional resources.

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