WSA Offers Online Professional Development Platform Go2Knowledge

| September 29, 2014

The Webster Staff Alliance (WSA) announces a partnership with Go2Knowledge, an online professional development platform specific to Higher Education. Go2Knowledge provides Webster staff members with a unique opportunity to view training topics that are specific to staff and campus today.

To view these webinars, visit, enter username webster and password Go2WebsterU.

An abbreviated list of available trainings:

At-Risk Populations

  • Supporting ADA Accommodations beyond the Classroom: Manageable Solutions for Student Affairs
  • Veteran Students: Creating a Trauma Informed and Military Friendly Campus
  • Helping Underprepared Students Succeed: How to Influence Student Engagement, Learning and Persistence

Campus Safety

  • Making Your Campus Safe for LGBTQ Students: Creating a Supportive Campus Climate
  • Campus Violence: Ten Common Mistakes in Assessment and Prevention
  • Managing Psychotic, Manic and Delusional Students: How to Reduce Legal Risk and Increase Student Safety
  • The Dangers of Email Communication

Organizational Development

  • 7 Emerging Trends Impacting Higher Education
  • Stinky Cheese: How to Manage Conflict among Coworkers
  • Improving Customer Service and Student Satisfaction

Student Success

  • Retention: Assessing Why Students Stay and Why They Leave
  • Student Motivation: Increasing Engagement, Persistence, and Learning

Teaching and Learning

  • Conducting Difficult Conversations with Students: How Faculty and Staff Can Change a Negative into a Positive
  • Handling Distracting and Annoying Behavior in and out of the Classroom


  • Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


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