Snapshot: Screening and panel on French film about Monsanto

| September 12, 2014
Monsanto panel

Professor Lionel Cuillé moderates a panel with Monsanto representatives and a Webster biology faculty member and student after the screening of a French film critical of the company.

“The World According to Monsanto,” a French film critical of the operations of the St. Louis-based agricultural company, drew about 100 attendees to see the film and join a discussion afterward in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.

After the screening, Lionel Cuillé, professor of French in Webster’s College of Arts & Sciences, hosted a panel discussion with representatives of Monsanto and Webster biology professor Mary Preuss on the accusations made in the film. Valerie Martin, a Webster student double majoring in Biology and French, was also on the panel. The discussion was then opened to the audience for further questions.

Genetically modified organisms are a particularly controversial topic in France, whose consulate shared the film for educational purposes with Cuille, the Jane and Bruce Robert Chair in French and Francophone Studies for Webster’s Department of International Languages and Cultures.

The event was co-sponsored by Centre Francophone and the Institut Français.

Read more about how Cuillé learned about the film and organized this chance for dialog in this preview at Global Thinking:

“This kind of event illustrates what I explain to my students – that studying French is not just about communicating, but about understanding one’s own culture through another lens,” Cuillé says.

Pictured above on the panel hosted by Cuillé: Frederic Achard, Soybean Discovery Scientist at Monsanto; Mary Preuss, professor of Biology in Webster’s College of Arts & Sciences; Sasha Preuss, Lead, Molecular Breedin Innovation & Optimization at Monsanto; Philip Eppard, Academic Engagement Lead at Monsanto; Aimee Hood, Lead, Science & Policy Information Management & Communication; Vincent Lombard, South Corn Breeding Regional Lead at Monsanto; and Valerie Martin, Webster student double majoring in Biology and French.

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