In the News: Ghana in Business Because; Chapman in Bangkok Post; Barnidge in The Hill; Cross on China TV

| August 27, 2014

Recent news media coverage involving Webster University community members includes:

Ghana’s Sanders on Business Schools in Africa

Webster Ghana’s new director, Christa Sanders, is quoted throughout the recent Business Because, “Business Schools Gain Ground in Africa.”

“There is a scarcity of well-trained business leaders to address the many challenges facing the continent to date,” says Christa Sanders, director of Webster University’s Ghana campus.

Christa points out that high unemployment rates in the region mean those with MBA degrees are in demand, while schools are catering for Africa’s emerging middle class.

But she adds that there are few options when it comes to business education compared to in the West.

Schools like Webster are filling a gap in supply.

Later in the article, she discusses the potential in Africa and the opportunities to come:

“As a continent, Africa not only has some of the fastest growing economies in the world but also an aspiring generation of young entrepreneurs who seek to further their education.”


“A business degree not only opens the door to future career opportunities but also encourages the development of future business leaders. These leaders… Are critical to Africa’s future growth and stability.”

Read the full article at Business Because.

Chapman in Thailand’s Bangkok Post

A Bangkok Post article about development in Thailand quotes Grant Chapman, associate vice president for Academic Affairs and International Programs:

As one of the two international institutions that chose Thailand, Webster University based its decision on the longstanding, strong and close relationship between Thailand and the United States.

“It is is among the region’s largest economies and is one of the original Asian Tigers,” said Grant Chapman, associate vice-president for academic affairs and international programmes at Webster University, which was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1915.”

Barnidge in The Hill on Ferguson and International Law

Robert Barnidge, lecturer and coordinator of International Relations in the College of Arts & Sciences, penned an op/ed in The Hill’s Congress Blog that puts the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, in the context of international law.

According to international law, a state can be held responsible for an internationally wrongful act when it breaches an international legal obligation and when this breach can be attributed to the state.  International responsibility triggers certain consequences, such as an obligation for the state to make reparation.  Without a showing of breach and attribution, however, the state cannot be held responsible under international law.

Read his column at The Hill here.

Cross Discusses Ferguson on Chinese TV

Portions of a Remy Cross interview appeared in Chinese TV coverage of the protests and police response in Ferguson, Missouri. Cross, an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology in the College of Arts & Sciences, has been a go-to for media about the sociological perspective on this month’s events.

Watch the clip on China Central TV here.

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