Student Employment Information for Supervisors

| August 20, 2014

Undergraduate classes begin in one week, and there are some important things for staff and faculty to remember for hiring and managing student employees.

If you have a student employee returning to work that is already authorized in ADP, then you do not need to complete any additional paperwork. It is possible that your returning student employee will need to contact the IT Service Desk to have their MyWebster password reset. New student employees are not to start working until set-up and approval is completed and the student is able to access the MyWebster system (with the exception of international students). Students will no longer receive a blue approval card when paperwork is submitted to Career Planning & Development Center.

FAQ Regarding Student Employment:
  1. Supervisors should work with their student employee to complete the following required paperwork prior to the actual start date. These forms can be found on the Career Planning & Development Center website and must be completed and submitted to the Career Planning & Development Center reception desk.
  2. The required paperwork must be submitted  before the student employee begins working. Arrangements should be made with your student employee at the time of hire to complete and submit their paperwork prior to the first day of work. Your student employee cannot be added to the MyWebster system, and therefore cannot be paid, until all paperwork is received and processed. Paperwork processing can take up to three business days.
  3. Students will be entered in the MyWebster system on a daily basis. Once their information is entered in the system, an email will be generated to the student with instructions on how to access the MyWebster portal, however students may already have access based on other student employment positions. The email will be sent to the student’s Connections email address, typically within one business day after submitting the paperwork. The student will need to access the MyWebster system as soon as possible to verify personal information before they can begin working, so please remind them not to disregard the email.
  4. The student’s name should be searchable on your “QuickNavs” in your My Time – Enterprise eTime. This is your verification that the student is authorized to begin working.
  5. Once student employees have access to MyWebster, they will need to update or  their W-4 information (Missouri & Federal), update their address and other personal information, and sign up for direct deposit or elect a percentage to go toward their student account as desired. Please note that it takes up to one week before a new hire can update tax information.
Special Notes
  • Students will only need to submit one authorization form per job for as long as they work in that position. New authorization forms are no longer required for each fiscal year for students working in the same position.
  • Please note a student only needs to complete the I-9 and FERPA Agreement Forms once while they are a student at Webster unless their information changes.
  • All other information such as: tax withholdings, direct deposit, payroll deductions, and personal information is entered directly into the MyWebster HR system by the student. Student employees cannot be paid until they are set-up in the MyWebster HR system by the Career Planning & Development Center.
  • If paperwork is incomplete or filled out incorrectly, it will delay processing. Supervisors need to review the “Supervisor Policies and Expectations” page 28 in the Supervisor Manual.
  • Students are authorized in MyWebster until a supervisor completes the Student Change Form to change a student’s status. Please note that students will be able to time stamp during this authorized time period, which can include summer. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that hours are not time stamped by a student employee during a period of non-work.

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