Arts & Sciences Celebrates 2014 Global MA Graduates

| August 13, 2014
Global Master of Arts graduates at the 2014 Global Commencement ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Global Master of Arts graduates at the 2014 Global Commencement ceremony in Washington, D.C.

After spending the past year hopping between campuses and continents to earn their graduate degree, 31 students received their Global Master of Arts from the College of Arts in Sciences on July 19 at the Global Commencement ceremony in Washington, D.C. Four of those students are the first to earn the Global MA in International Nongovernmental Organizations – the College’s newest global program, piloted this year.

The 2014 Global Commencement ceremony is the first to take place in the United States, and it brought together international relations program directors and department heads from Webster’s campuses around the globe, as well as international relations faculty and College administrators from the home campus in St. Louis. Over 230 of the graduates’ family members and friends were also there to commend the class of 2014 for a degree well-earned.

Commencement speaker and 1965 Webster University graduate Mary Ann Wyrsch also spoke to the global class of 2014 about their future contributions to the international arena, and how necessary those contributions will be:

“By choosing to focus on international relations, or work in institutions which work in the international arena, you have decided on careers in areas where issues are complex, gains are fleeting, and solutions are elusive—and often where the rewards are not those found in other fields of endeavor,” Wyrsch said. “But it is precisely because of this very complicated and sometimes contradictory backdrop or context that skilled and knowledgeable professionals with passion and dedication are needed.”

Hannah Verity, director of Global Programs for the College of Arts & Sciences, calls this graduating class a group of truly outstanding scholars. “I have heard from multiple faculty who teach in the program that this year has had some of the brightest, most motivated students they have encountered yet,” Verity said, adding that her own observations have yielded the same impression. “I challenge students every year to not let the program just happen to them; it goes by too quickly. This class heeded that message and took advantage of the opportunities given to them. But beyond that, the students as a whole this year took the extra step to seek out networking and volunteer opportunities, and to engage with other students, faculty, and local communities around the world.”

In her Commencement address, student Sharon McBeth asked her fellow graduates to reflect on this idea of global citizenship– on how their participation in Webster’s Global programs helped them develop a sense of universal responsibility and broaden their thinking beyond their own experience. “Participating in the Webster Global MA Program means being a part of something bigger than you,” she said, explaining how the international support network of program administrators in St. Louis, classmates in her cohort, and the professors and professionals she met abroad gave her a deeper understanding of global community.

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