Academic Accommodations: Reminders, Process Change from ARC

| August 11, 2014

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) began sending all academic accommodation letters via email this past academic year. This process will continue for the 2014-15 academic year with one minor change: Beginning this fall, the ARC will send one email to all of the student’s professors with the accommodation letter attached rather than sending a separate email to each professor for each student. This allows the ARC to greatly increase the efficiency of the process.

In order to ensure fairness for all students, consistency from semester to semester, and legal protection for faculty, staff and Webster University, it is essential that students follow the established procedure to document their disability and receive academic accommodations.

If a student discloses a disability to his/her professor, the student should be referred to Kevin Pelzel, assistant director/ADA coordinator in the ARC.

A professor should not provide accommodations to a student if he/she did not receive an accommodation letter from the ARC. Instead, let the student know that you are happy to provide accommodations once they have been determined by the appropriate source.

Please be sure to include a statement on your syllabus indicating your willingness to accommodate students and providing students with the appropriate contact information for the university ADA Coordinator. Below is an example:

Webster University is committed to providing accommodations for all students with documented disabilities. Any student requiring academic accommodations for a documented disability should contact the university ADA coordinator, Kevin Pelzel at 314-246-7700, as soon as possible to make the appropriate arrangements.


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