Meet the 2014-15 International Languages & Cultures TAs

| August 1, 2014

As part of an institution which values diversity and promotes multicultural understanding, the International Languages and Cultures (ILC) Department in the Webster University College of Arts & Sciences is excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the four teaching assistants (TAs) who will work with department throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.

The three new TAs and one returning TA are from a variety of countries – Argentina, France, Germany and Japan. This diversity is invaluable to the Webster community, as in addition to course instruction the TAs provide students and staff alike with insight into their cultures and languages.

With their passion for learning about other cultures and sharing their own with others, these TAs will doubtlessly become invaluable members to Webster University ILC Department. Be sure to welcome them when you see them on campus this year.

With their arrivals only a few weeks away, the TAs are very eager to begin their experience of both teaching and learning within the Webster community. To prompt them to reveal a bit about their personality, the ILC asked each which color in a crayon box would metaphorically represent them.

International Languages and Cultures


Aori: Japan

Aori is originally from Kyoto, Japan, but grew up in Kobe, Japan. She discovered Webster through a professor’s recommendation and felt it would be a great opportunity for her. This will be Aori’s second year at Webster, and she is excited to continuing teaching.

Which color in a crayon box would metaphorically represent you?

Aori chose the white crayon because she believes white represents justice and fairness. As Aori recounted, when she was younger her art teacher scolded her for not painting a white base on her canvas and she thought, “Well, the canvas is already white!” but her teacher explained that white is the base for everything.

As Aori explained, “Art cannot represent how other colors are beautiful without the white colored base. The longer I live, the more I am adding color in my life.”

International Languages and Cultures


Magui: Argentina

Magui was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but she grew up in San Rafael, a city located 240 kilometers south of Mendoza. She is currently living in Mendoza while attending university. Magui heard about the position through the exchange program established between Webster University and Universidad Nacional de Cuyo by Webster Spanish professor Graciela Corvalan over 27 years ago.

Magui is looking forward to learning more about the American culture while sharing her own culture with others as well. She is also excited to challenge herself by living away from home so that she cannot only learn more about herself, but can also grow both professionally and personally.

Which color in a crayon box would metaphorically represent you?

Magui chose purple because it is her favorite color and it represents harmony. As Magui said, “It is the combination of the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.” It is this harmony within purple that Magui feels she can relate with. “Although I am a very active person and I enjoy being busy, I do like to think things over.” Further, while she “may seem a little quiet sometimes,” she says she “can also be very talkative — sometimes too much!”

International Languages and Cultures


Mikaël: France

Mikaël is from Toulouse, which is in Southern France and is the fourth largest city in the country. Mikaël heard about Webster through his university’s English department, and he is looking forward to meeting many new people and sharing his culture and knowledge with other students.

Which color in a crayon box would metaphorically represent you?

“I think I wouldn’t be a specific color, but I’d rather be the crayon box itself. That way, I’d be the bond that links all the crayons together.”

Nasli: Germany
International Languages and Cultures


Nasli is from Bochum, Germany, a beautiful city known for coal mining and located near Düsseldorf and Cologne. She heard about the opportunity to teach at Webster through the Fulbright Program, which allowed her to choose between several universities in the U.S. After visiting Webster’s website, Nasli felt as though Webster was the right choice for her.

“And I was lucky Webster University had also chosen me,” Nasli said. Throughout the next year, Nasli is looking forward to working at Webster and teaching German within the German Department. She is also excited to study and learn about the other students as well as the American way of life since she considers herself a big fan of the United States.

Which color in a crayon box would metaphorically represent you?

Nasli says she would be a multicolored one because she feels she represents multiple colors as a multicultural person. “I love traveling and getting to know other cultures and languages, and every time I visit another country I add another color to myself,” she said.

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