Home Campus Xerox Toner Delivery Process

| July 21, 2014

The current process for toner delivery has recently been modified:

The Webster University  home campus is on a service contract with Xerox for the majority of our campus printers to include some non-Xerox machines. With this contract all of our toner is automatically ordered by the individual machines when the toner reaches a certain level of use. These toners are then delivered to the appropriate office until toner replacement is needed.

Please note that departments are NOT being charged extra for these toners, and this cost is built into the campus wide contract. These toners are self-explanatory and user friendly for installation, however, if you need assistance installing the toner, please reach out to Robbie Spears in User Services or Rick Wosmansky with Xerox.

Reference this previous Webster Today article for further clarification on the process.

Submitted by Justin Tetley, coordinator, Mail & Copy Solutions

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  1. Bud says:

    So what do we do with the spent cartridge now ?
    We where sending them in, but now they have no mailing
    label in them to do that any longer. Are these trash ?

    • Justin Tetley says:

      Hello Bud,
      You can drop these used toners off at SV 107 (Robbie Spears) or our Mail & Copy customer service counter in Loretto Hall across from HR and we send these back in large boxes for recycling at Xerox. Thanks