In the News: Fine Arts Alumnus Milton Zoth; Ghana Outreach; Girls’ Invitational

| July 18, 2014

Recent news media coverage involving Webster University community members includes:

Fine Arts Alum Milton Zoth Tribute

A Sunday feature in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (July 12, D1-D3) profiled Webster University alumnus Milton Zoth, who graduated from the directing program in the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts. Zoth is stepping down as director of the St. Louis Actors’ Studio after 30 years directing around town. In the profile, Zoth recalled several Webster teachers who made an impact:

Moving on to Kansas, he got a job teaching English but got busy with community theater and decided to pursue it. Somehow — he’s not sure how this happened — Webster University accepted him into its MFA program for directors, “even though I was as green as I could be. Maybe I had instincts, but I certainly had no technique.”

But, he said, he got the chance to learn from great teachers: costume designer Dorothy Marshall Englis, lighting designer Peter Sargent, and especially the legendary Marita Woodruff (who died in February). “She really cleaned up my act,” Zoth said. “And she taught me how to block action for big casts.

“She taught me to use M&Ms for the actors, with different colors for different parts. Move them around on the table so you can see how they can be grouped. It’s all about what you see.

“And in time, I began to see stage pictures as a director, instead of just reacting.”

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Ghana’s ‘Dream Ambassadors’

Webster University Ghana’s “Dream Ambassadors” series received additional coverage in a feature at The series seeks to present the lives, experiences and inspirations of successful West Africans, highlighting how their innate desire to succeed guarded and guided their accomplishments.

Ken Wichert, director of Enrollment Management at Webster University Ghana, is quoted in the article describing the campaign as an effort to change the mindsets of people and to get them to reach within themselves in order to achieve their goals, and also:

“that many of them will see university education as a means to achieve that.”


Since it was launched two months ago, we have had over 7,000 views and we’re thrilled to think we may have struck a chord in the African market.”

In conjunction with the campaign, the campus is planning a DREAMS Workshop in the fall to engage participants on how to form an action plan around their career goals and to execute that plan.

Girls’ Invitational Coverage

In addition to the extensive segment on KSDK-TV and other coverage highlighted earlier this week, the 11th Annual Susan Polgar Girls’ Invitational also received coverage on Fox2. Watch that clip above or at this Fox2 link.


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