EAB Chiller Plant Construction: Parking, Access, Power Impacted July 11-18

| July 15, 2014
Rendering of the planned work for the East Academic Building chiller (looking north.)

Rendering of the construction surrounding the East Academic Building chiller plant (facing north.)

Updated July 15, 2014:

On the evening of Thursday, July 17, there will be a total electrical power shutdown in the East Academic Building beginning at 10 p.m. in order to install new electrical switchgear to support the new chillers. Power will be restored by 4 a.m. Friday.

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Story originally posted July 9, 2014:

From July 11-18, Icon Mechanical will be hoisting structural steel and cooling towers to the roof, and the chillers and pumps into the lower level chiller room via the south area way of the East Academic Building.

During this time, the drive on the east side of the East Academic Building, upper Lot L, and the east entrance of the East Academic Building will be closed. The south wing of the building, elevators, and south stairwell will be closed during these critical crane picks of the equipment. All exits will be open in case of emergency.

As this project progresses, Facilities Planning and Management will keep the local University community informed.  If you have any questions, please contact project manager Jim Ward at 314-246-7481 or wardji @webster.edu.

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