Summer, Fall 2014 Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Recipients

| June 19, 2014

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the recipients of the Provost’s Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant for Summer and Fall 2014. The grant provides assistance to undergraduate students conducting research that results in a work product and that is done under the direction of a faculty member. It offers students the opportunity to gain insight and experience into their professional or research fields and to develop real-world skills.

  • Michelle Bloyd-Fink, Sociology and Women & Gender Studies major, and Emily Mason, Psychology and Women & Gender Studies major, are continuing their original research on thought pattern changes in participants of a Batterer’s Intervention Program, under the supervision of their faculty sponsor, associate professor Don Conway-Long.
  • Timothy Bradley and Amy Clark, cultural anthropology majors, will be exploring local organizations and neighborhood identity with their faculty sponsor, assistant professor JB Kwon.
  • Brittany Breeden, photography major, aims to produce a body of work exploring ways that humans view themselves and each other. Her faculty sponsor is associate professor Robin Assner.
  • Devin Ericson, biology major, will be studying acetate functionality as a supramolecular protecting group within reactive co-crystals with his faculty sponsor, associate professor Ryan Groeneman.
  • Claire Hulett, Margaret Nagle and Hillary Picker, sociology majors, will be studying local organizations and neighborhood identity with their faculty sponsor, assistant professor Remy Cross.
  • Sara Mack, biology major, will be examining bacterial populations in Arabidopsis with her faculty sponsor, assistant professor Mary Preuss.
  • Danielle Vance, biology major, will examine the effect of ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate on E. coli, S. mutans, and S. epidermidis, with her faculty sponsor, associate professor Stephanie Schroeder.

“This grant enables students and faculty from a variety of disciplines to collaboratively explore a topic of interest in a formalized way that is both professional and meaningful to the larger field,” said assistant professor Eric Goedereis.

The first round of grants this spring yielded many positive results. Provost Julian Schuster met with students and their faculty sponsors last month to congratulate them on their success.

Grants are awarded in two funding cycles each academic year. Application dates for Spring 2015 will be announced later this fall. For more information on this grant opportunity for students, visit the Provost’s Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant webpage.


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