Webster Today Email Digest on Summer Delivery Schedule

| May 30, 2014
(Left) Webster Today HTML email, (right) Webster Today online news blog.

The Webster Today email digest (left) will be on summer schedule in June and July, but Webster Today online news blog (right) at blogs.webster.edu/webstertoday will continue to be updated on a daily basis.

Beginning Monday, June 2, the daily email digest of the latest Webster Today blog posts will run on a summer schedule in June and July. During the summer schedule, faculty and staff will receive the Webster Today email digests on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, the Webster Today blog will continue to be updated daily, and is always available for viewing at blogs.webster.edu/webstertoday.

This modified delivery schedule will allow Webster Today staff to devote more resources to other essential projects during the lower-trafficked summer months. (Exceptions may be made due to University holidays and essential breaking news.)

As always, continue to send submissions to the Webster Today team at webstertoday@webster.edu.


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