Snapshot: First Year Seminar Students Cover Poverty in Vienna

| May 9, 2014
Webster Vienna - First Year Seminar - Poverty

Webster Vienna faculty congratulated First Year Seminar students for their winning project on poverty in Vienna.

First Year Seminar students at Webster Vienna got “up close and personal” with issues like poverty, gay rights, World War II, multicultural society and more this spring, thanks to a variety of experiences faculty created for students.

Ethics is a core part of the First Year Seminar on the Vienna campus, including a special unit that aims to foster ethical reasoning skills. For the ethics unit final project, faculty members Avina Gupta and Katharina Ferris asked students to investigate ethical dilemmas and concerns right here in Vienna.

Students formed small group teams and chose an ethically controversial topic. Taking on the role of socially conscious reporters and researchers, the students blogged about the topics with the aim of uncovering who exactly was being affected by these issues, and what, if anything, was being done to address these ethical dilemmas.

An in-class vote including all sections of FRSH 1200 determined the three blogs that advanced to the final round. Congratulations to the final-round winners, Mirza Beganovic, George Sakvarelidze and Mohamed Yunisi. Their project on “Poverty in Vienna” helped shed light on issues related to poverty and the experience of being poor in Vienna. They received congratulations from Vienna academic director Regina Kecht for their outstanding work.

From the story originally posted at Webster Vienna.


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