Media Professor Teaches Women Self Defense at Webster Geneva

| April 30, 2014
Geneva Self Defense

Once an action movie producer, Strandberg offered self-defense to a group of women at Webster Geneva, where he teaches Media Communications.

Keith Strandberg teaches Media Communications at Webster Geneva, but this spring he’s taken on an additional course at Webster University’s campus in Switzerland: self-defense tactics for women.

A black belt, Strandberg has been teaching a group of 20 Webster Geneva faculty, staff and students what works in the real world. In five highly interactive one-hour sessions, participants are increasing their awareness, their ability to deal with conflict and their mastery of effective tools and techniques to physically defend themselves.

All proceeds from the training will be donated by Strandberg to support women affected by sexual violence.

When Keith is not teaching at Webster, he is a journalist, specializing in watches, motorcycles, law enforcement and the martial arts for publications like Watch Journal, Europa Star, Worth, Law Enforcement Technology and others.

The self-defense knowledge had another application for Keith: He was previously a writer and producer of action movies, having made 10 feature films with Seasonal Film Corporation from Hong Kong. His best-known film remains “No Retreat No Surrender,” which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kurt McKinney.


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