Umbaugh, Yuasa, Marshall-Englis Honored with 1st Learning Happens Everywhere Award

| April 29, 2014
Student Leadership Awards - Faculty

The 21st Annual Student Leadership Awards included a new award to recognize faculty members’ exemplary collaboration with Student Affairs. Pictured here is Bruce Umbaugh, one of the first winners. Noriko Yuasa and Dottie Marshall-Englis were also honored.

A new faculty award was presented at this year’s 21st Annual Student Leadership Awards Dinner, recognizing exemplary faculty collaboration with Student Affairs professionals by:

  • Preparing students exceptionally well for life beyond Webster University,
  • Facilitating powerful learning experiences beyond the classroom, and/or
  • Engaging in retention-related activities and initiatives

More than 140 were in attendance April 25, including student award winners and their guests, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni.

The new faculty recognition is entitled the Learning Happens Everywhere award.

Noriko Yuasa

Associate professor in Art Noriko Yuasa, received the Learning Happens Everywhere Award in recognition of her efforts working closely in partnership with Career Services to prepare her students exceptionally well for life beyond the University.

Noriko embraces the idea that learning can and does happen everywhere. She sees her role as an educator as one that extends outside of physical classroom. She emphasizes the role of experience and seeks out collaborators around campus to create opportunities for student learning.

Examples of her partnerships with Career Services include:

  • Classroom presentations on resume development and job search strategies for graphic design seniors (each spring semester)
  • Annual Graphic Design Career Panel Discussion and Networking event
  • Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Open House event
Bruce Umbaugh
Webster Student Leader Awards

The annual Student Leadership Awards gala is a chance for staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni to honor outstanding student leaders.

Professor of philosophy and director of the Global Citizenship Program, Bruce Umbaugh, received the Learning Happens Everywhere Award in recognition of his work over many years with Student Affairs to facilitate powerful learning experiences beyond the classroom and partnering with Student Affairs to start Learning Communities at Webster. The Learning Community (LC) program relies heavily on the collaborative effort of our Academic Affairs partners.

Bruce not only contributed his time and knowledge to the learning communities in which he served, he has also assisted in the growth of the entire program with his support and academic partner connections. He has been one of the most active faculty members in making sure that the curriculum extends outside the classroom.

Bruce has spent considerable time working with Student Affairs about how to integrate the Global Citizenship Program in a wide variety of student life programs and leadership experiences.

Dottie Marshall-Englis

Department chair of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Dottie Marshall-Englis received the Learning Happens Everywhere Award in recognition of her efforts working closely with Student Affairs staff to address a variety of serious issues among her students and keep them on the path to achieving their degree.

When student issues arise, she is quick to reach out and partner with her Student Affairs colleagues in the Dean’s Office, Counseling and Health Services. She takes control when needed, delegates to experts when necessary, and is a partner in the truest sense of the term.  Her focus is on student success – and she knows that it takes a community to make that happen for any student.  Her ethic of care and her support for collaboration have kept students here that otherwise would have been unable to continue.


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  1. Jennifer Gammage says:

    Big congrats!!!!!!

  2. Paula Hanssen says:

    Congratulations all, glad to know your efforts are recognized!

  3. Marcie says:

    Congratulations to these deserving winners of the Learning Happens Everywhere award!

  4. Suz Yatim says:

    I never had the opportunity to take a class with Bruce. That didn’t stop him from teaching me about the philosophical and international issues he cares about as I worked in Pearson. It’s been a delight knowing him. So proud!

  5. Kate Brooks says:

    Congratulations, Noriko!

  6. Christina Gilbert says:

    Congrats to all!