Worldwide Council of Student Government Leaders Hold First Meeting

| April 28, 2014
The Council will meet via videoconference once every 8 weeks from Aug.-May.

The Worldwide Council of Undergraduate Student Government Leaders will meet via videoconference once every 8 weeks from Aug.-May.

Participating from the St. Louis campus were SGA president Katie Maxwell, director of Student Activities Jen Stewart and associate provost for Student Affairs Paul Carney.

Participants in the videoconference from the St. Louis campus included SGA president Katie Maxwell and Student Affairs staff members Jennifer Stewart and Paul Carney.

The first meeting of the Webster University Worldwide Council of Undergraduate Student Government Leaders was held via videoconference on April 22. The meeting included the first-ever gathering of student government officers from the major undergraduate campuses of Webster University, including St. Louis, Thailand, London, Leiden, Geneva and Vienna.

Staff who serve as advisers to the student governments also participated, including Ted Hoef and Jennifer Stewart from St. Louis; Kerry Grummert from Geneva; Christine Benninger from Leiden; Jutta Pedigo from Vienna; and Sasiwan (Mink) Kludkesa from Thailand. Assistant provost Paul Carney also participated in the meeting.

The students and advisors discussed the Global Student Leadership Summit scheduled to take place in St. Louis in March 2015 as part of the Centennial celebration, the transition of student officers, and major happenings and/or issues at each campus.

Purpose of the Council:
  • Provide undergraduate student government leaders with an efficient method of communication and collaboration, to share ideas and best practices.
  • Provide the University administration with an efficient means to communicate with undergraduate student leaders from throughout the University network.
Goals of the Council:
  • Leadership development of the students involved
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Meaningful dialogue with University administration

The Council will meet via videoconference once every eight weeks from August – May. The Council will also make use of a Canvas page to share information and engage in online discussions.

Special thanks to Marty Martin and Dan Ayres from Media & Academic Technology Services for their technical assistance in setting up the videoconference.

Submitted by Ted Hoef, associate vice president for Student Affairs & Dean of Students


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