Green Wins: Recent Sustainability Grants for Webster University

| April 24, 2014
An MSD Community Stewardship Grant of $8,000 will support habitat restoration in the campus Natural Area.

An MSD Community Stewardship Grant of $8,000 will support habitat restoration in the campus Natural Area.

Sustainability at Webster University has been growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to the dedication of students, faculty, and staff and the Administration’s demonstrated commitment to green campus initiatives. In the past year, Webster has been recognized for the sum of its efforts with an award from the St. Louis Green Business Challenge – but did you also know about these grants from local and regional funders?

Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)

Webster’s first-ever award from MDC is a Community Stewardship Grant of $8,000 that will support habitat restoration in the campus Natural Area.

(Read more about the development of the Natural Area, where students, faculty and staff have turned a bio-retention basin designed to collect and filter storm water into a living classroom and quiet reflection area.)

St. Louis–Jefferson Solid Waste Management District (SWMD)

Preliminary approval has been reached for an award of $25,000 to help develop a campus composting program to collect organic food waste, keep it out of the landfills, and cure it for use as a soil amendment back on campus.

In 2012, the SWMD helped us purchase the four solar recycling compactors on campus. SWMD support in previous years helped Webster establish and strengthen the campus recycling programs that exist today.

St. Louis County Department of Health Waste Reduction Grant

Webster has preliminary approval for an award of $16,560, also in support of campus composting, which will help us develop a Green Ambassador program, educational activities, and a program to minimize and collect organic food waste at special events on campus.

In 2012, this same grant program supported the Culture of Green program to provide educational materials, programming, and supplies to strengthen recycling awareness.

Pending approvals, visitors, students, faculty and staff at the Webster Groves home campus will begin to see the impact of these grants on the grounds and at special events this fall. Learn more about all of Webster’s great green work at the Webster University Sustainability page.


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