[Rescheduled] Field Day: Veterans Organization, Tau Sigma Challenge Student Organizations April 15

| March 28, 2014

NOTE: This event, originally scheduled for April 2, has been postponed due to inclement weather and rescheduled for April 15.

Attention, student organizations: Do you have what it takes to meet the physical challenges of the U.S. military?

Student organizations are challenged to compete in Field Day 2014.

Student organizations are challenged to compete in Field Day 2014.

Find out, when the Webster University Student Veterans Organization and the Tau Sigma National Honor Society host Webster Field Day 2014. This friendly competition of student organizations through military-style games is scheduled for April 15, from 1-5 p.m. in the Quad at the home campus in Webster Groves.

Competitive Events

1)    Obstacle Course (H-crawl, L-crawl, fireman carry, etc.)
2)    Dizzy Izzy (spin with bat 10x and race to the finish)
3)    Ammo Can Carry (race while carrying two 30-lb. ammo cans)
4)    Litter carry race (assembly required)
5)    Lead the Blind (tie and blindfold team, leader has to talk to them to guide them to the finish)
6)    Squad Push-ups (team places legs on shoulders and push up as one)
7)    Tug-o-War
8)    Ski Team (four members must figure how to move two 2×4 boards with only cords of rope and must have all feet planted on boards)
9)    Mobile Home (Team up to 10 members bent over in a row and the last person crawl through them)
10)  Fireman Carry (Team has to race with another team member on their shoulder, swap at return point)

If you think your organization has what it takes, please contact our Student Veterans Organization (SVO) president, Charlie Mach at: svo@webster.edu.

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