Cybersecurity Master’s Program: Preparing Today’s Students to Lead Tomorrow’s Workplace

| March 27, 2014
ms in cybersecurity

In the news and on the rise: Postings for cybersecurity jobs have grown 74 percent since 2007.

Given the numerous data breaches at major retailers and financial institutions in the news, cybersecurity is a hot topic that won’t be going away. The field is also one of the most in-demand sectors of the job market.

Webster University’s new master’s degree program in cybersecurity was established to help fill a staggering demand for cybersecurity training in the Colorado Springs area. The U.S. Air Force Space Command approached Webster to create the program because it has 1,400 employees who need training in cybersecurity.

Tom Johnson, cybersecurity program lead and chief of strategic initiatives, said the program focuses on the big picture of cybersecurity at the management level in the public and private sectors.

Find out why the program is drawing students — including Mark Burditt, who is preparing himself for a career in the civilian sector after he retires from the Air Force — in this story at

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