December 2013 Employees of the Month

| December 20, 2013

John Watts, instruction & liaison services librarian, Library, and Kathy Childress, office manager, Greenville Metropolitan Campus, S.C., share the Employee Spotlight honors for December 2013.



John Watts contributes practical solutions that help keep the Library’s systems running smoothly and relevant to the students. His colleagues enjoy working with him and appreciate his attitude and sense of humor. “He makes coming in to work every day so much fun,” says a colleague.

In addition to his on-the-job contributions, John serves on a number of University committees and presents at national conferences with Webster staff and faculty from other departments.

John has worked in the Webster Library for a little over two years and serves as the library liaison to the School of Education. He enjoys working with and being appreciated by the students.

“I enjoy working with a diverse community of students, scholars and colleagues who motivate me to learn, improve and reflect on my work,” says John. “This award isĀ  reminder that I’m part of a great community and that my work supports our goal to create high-quality learning experiences for our students.

John chose a day off with pay as his prize.




As a key staff member at the Greenville campus location, Kathy Childress has contributed numerous ideas to the admissions and registration processes. On a daily basis she helps others with their tasks as she assists the staff, students and faculty.

“She is always on task and her work is done in a timely and professional manner,” says Kathy’s nominator. “A hard worker, she often works behind the scenes to make everything we do a success.”

Kathy has been with the Greenville location four years, first as office assistant. When her superior skills were recognized, she was quickly promoted to office manager.

Affectionately known as “Ms. K” at Greenville, Kathy wears many hats as she provides services to students, faculty and staff, and she “loves love assisting, encouraging and listening” to them. “They are my family,” she says.

Every day offers ample opportunities for Kathy to impact her Webster family in positive ways: “When our students begin to feel overwhelmed, it’s about encouraging them to break things down step-by-step; it’s about helping our veterans with deployment issues and benefits; sending out cards to our Webster family members to let them know we care; and guiding students through the financial aid process.”

“I care deeply about the personal and professional welfare of each student, faculty and staff member of Webster University,”

Kathy chose a day off with pay as her prize.





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