Snapshots: Vienna Scholars Learn via Role Play as Historic Inventors

| December 18, 2013
Webster Scholars in Vienna.

Vienna students in the Webster Scholars Program spent an evening mingling as the historic inventors they researched.

Seven Webster University Vienna students enrolled in the Webster Scholars Program in Vienna recently gathered in Café Landtmann for a very special evening. As a part of FRSH 1200/50, taught by Dorothy Kopel and Ben Calhoun, each scholar was asked to do extensive research on the achievements and context of the following inventors: Nicolaus Copernicus, Carl Djerassi, Benjamin Franklin, Johannes Gutenberg, Edwin Herbert Land, Nikola Tesla, and Alan Turing.

Each scholar’s task was then to impersonate the chosen inventor and answer questions from the inventor’s perspective.

The students — Sven Babic, Emily Bantelman, Ali Darvish, Georgi Ganchev, Sofia Lozovic, Chiana Mclatchie, and Tobias Salfellner — spent the evening as those “inventors” mingling and comparing perspectives on important and timely issues. This was followed by an official Q & A session where the inventors, still in role, answered questions from a panel consisting of Kopel, Calhoun, campus director Arthur Hirsh, as well as two alumnae, Rita Pollozhani and Sona Klucarova.

Adapted from the original post at Webster Vienna.


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