November 2013 Employee Spotlight: Samantha Davis, Ann Elwell

| December 3, 2013

Samantha Davis, coordinator, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, and Ann Elwell, interim director, Ozarks Regional Campus, Mo., share the Employee Spotlight honors for November 2013.



Samantha (Sam) Davis has worked in both the School of Communications and the Walker School during her six years with Webster. She was nominated for the spotlight award by the School of Communications before her recent return to the Walker School dean’s office, where she began her Webster career.

Her nominator says Sam’s professionalism, intelligence, patience and ability to solve problems efficiently and innovatively have benefited her department enormously.

“She created procedures that allowed the department to run smoothly, including a new means of tracking and processing graduation petitions and managing the large number of course evaluations done each year,” says the nominator.

Sam also did an outstanding job of managing the student employees in her department. Her efforts made her supervisor’s job easier and “elevated the entire department.”

Sam enjoys “the challenge of learning the intricacies of a process and figuring out how that process can be improved. The feeling that I have had a part in creating solutions that make the students’ experiences better is very rewarding,” she says.

Focusing on the students’ needs helps Sam deal with busy work days filled with schedules and reports. In particular, she remembers a distraught student who was concerned he might not graduate because he was having trouble with his final project.

“Together we were able to find the assistance he needed to get the project completed, as well as resources to help him with handling the stress,” says Sam. “That experience provided some much needed perspective and made me more aware of the needs of the students I serve.”

Sam chose a day off as her prize.




Ann Elwell has worked at the Ozarks Regional campus location in Springfield, Mo., since 2007 as community relations coordinator. In September 2013, she was named interim director.

“Ann’s commitment to Webster University and enhancing the learning experience of our students has made her an invaluable resource to the staff, students, faculty and alumni of the Ozarks campus,” says her nominator. “She is innovative in her thinking in terms of student recruitment and retention.”

Ann implemented an online newsletter and created a blog for the Ozark location highlighting campus activities and noteworthy information for faculty and alumni. In addition, she initiated social media processes to get the site’s message out to the public.

Serving as the first president of the Southwest Missouri Higher Education Alliance, CRC Network chair and board member of the Springfield PRSA chapter are recent community positions Ann has held. Currently she is serving as president of the League of Women Voters. She was also selected to participate in Webster’s Global Staff Exchange this year.

“In all she does, both at Webster and in the Springfield community, Ann represents our University with the greatest integrity and character,” says her nominator.

Ann appreciates Webster’s unique role as a global university and especially enjoys the public relations and marketing side of her job. “I enjoy promoting that role to prospective students and letting our community know that, although we seem like a small university, we’re part of a worldwide institution that offers a global perspective to students.”

She also enjoys using her writing skills on the blog and newsletter to help strengthen the relationships between the campus, alumni, faculty and current students.

Spending two weeks at Webster’s Leiden Campus as part of the Global Staff Exchange program in January 2013 is Ann’s most meaningful experience with Webster. “The staff exchange program shows Webster’s commitment to being a global university.”

Interacting with staff members from many parts of the world helped her learn new cultural perspectives and strategies she can bring back to her job at the Ozarks location.

Ann chose the day off as her prize.





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  1. Helen Heidel says:

    Congratulations to Ann and Sam!