Akande Visits Columbia Metro, Talks with Faculty on Curriculum, Alignment, Quality

| November 22, 2013


Benjamin Akande, dean of the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, addressed more than 50 faculty and staff members at the Columbia (S.C.) Metropolitan campus location’s faculty meeting. Akande provided updates on the current state of the Walker School and discussed key academic topics such as curriculum relevance and consistency, faculty alignment, quality assurance and maintenance.

He also urged faculty members, who ranged from programs such as business and procurement to counseling and are active practitioners in areas like law, management and government, to identify relationships with their organizations that could help facilitate corporate partnerships with Webster University.

Akande challenged the faculty to strive to create a competitive advantage for Webster University, which means offering something that the competition could not offer, even if they wanted to.

“When Dean Akande spoke about creating a competitive advantage, it made me think about ways we can make the Webster experience unique for each student,” said faculty member Alexandria Smith. “Upon graduation, we want our students to leave feeling as though they could not have received even a remotely similar opportunity elsewhere.”

Akande addressed more than 50 Webster faculty and staff in Columbia, S.C.

Akande addressed more than 50 Webster faculty and staff in Columbia, S.C.

Faculty member Alicia Anderson-Brown described Akande’s message as powerful and needed. “I’m happy to be a part of the direction Webster University is going and the methods we will use to hold professors accountable for the learning experience of our students,” she said. “I was equally happy to see the responsibility placed back in the laps of the professors who are charged with developing our students through academia and scholarly learning. This is a must.”

Akande asked faculty and staff members not to be satisfied with the accomplishments of recent past, but to set new goals that will ensure Webster University grows in relevance and reputation.

“His presentation was uplifting as well as empowering,” said Counseling faculty member Gloria Burgess. “I left believing that Webster University values my contribution to the standard and quality of counseling education.”

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  1. Dr. Sam. I. Ojiaka says:

    Dr. Benjamin Akandes’ presentation was very informative and educational. I would have loved to be present, but hopefully I will be getting to read more of it.